Disposition has a very strong brotherhood to it that works with One Mind, a kind of Unit Family of sorts. Disposition is a non stop energetic live show that will leave you wanting more.


Disposition is the personality and character of a group whose dominant qualities distinguish that group. It implies customary moods, attitude toward life and a pattern of innate characteristics associated with one’s specific physical organization. Disposition also involves the qualities acquired through experience that determines how a group meets difficulties or handles situations.
Disposition, as a band, is the combination of characteristics that work as one to write from their hearts and pour their souls out on the stage. Disposition is a distinguishable band that ranges from aggressive riffs to unique melodies with lyrics society can relate to. It all began in August of 2002 when Allen McDaniel, the drummer, was in between bands and two determined men, Brett Clanton(the bass guitarist) and Matt Jenkins( the original lead guitarist), immediately took advantage of the opportunity to start a new band. Tim Clanton, Brett’s brother, was instantly added as a natural to the microphone. In November of that year they recorded a nine song album at The Sound Lab in Georgia. This was the first of their original sound made into CDs that they could pass into the hands of avid music lovers. They continued to gain fans and fine tune their sound when it was decided that a second guitarist was needed to fill out their sound. Benjie Ingram, a long time friend of Allen’s, was soon added in June of 2003 as a backing guitarist. The CD and new added sound proved to be a positive move for them as their first live show was in September of 2003. The show was in Sylacauga, AL at Club Craze where they were supposed to open for a band called Trial; however, after the demo was heard by many, Trial took the back seat to the show and decided to open for Disposition. That night, over 200 people were drawn into the club doors by their aggressive sound. Matt shortly left the band after that in November and the band became a 4-some again with Benjie Ingram as lead guitarist. They immediately recorded a seven song home recording and continued to practice and play shows in places such as The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA; Papa T’s in Montgomery, AL; The Buswha Festival and many other benefit concerts. Early 2006, Brett Clanton left the band to pursue other careers. Although they were sad to see Brett go, they promptly held auditions for a new bass guitarist. In February 2006, John Hancock joined the band as the new bassist but was soon replaced by the present bassist, Jason Watts, formerly of Category 5. Jason has also brought a new sound to the band as a backing vocalist. Disposition’s influences are varied as music is what has driven them all of their lives. Some influences include Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Seether, Sevendust, Jimi Hendrix, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Staind but most of their fans. Tim Clanton's vocal range and ability to capture the mood and intensity of the music make him the voice of Disposition. Benjie Ingram's blend of melodic overtones and driving rhythms take us from angelic to down right devilish. Jason Watts' bass is the backbone of the Disposition experience, ranging from thumping rhythms to complementing riffs. Allen McDaniel rounds out the experience with a constant percussive onslaught. From machine gun like double kicks to rhythmic backing beats, it’s sure to be delivered with heart and soul. Disposition is currently practicing, playing shows and continuing to write their own music while staying true to their original alternative rock style.


2003 7 song EP titled "On Deaf Ears"
2004 4 song demo "Cold Within"
2007 12 EP still in progress at press time.

"Bleed" is on both the 7 song EP and the 4 song demo "Breaking Me Down" is on the 4 song demo and both are currently getting air play on 95.1 The Fox in Montgomery, AL and 95.9 Auburn, AL and streaming on several internet radio stations.

Set List

We are an all original band. Our set is normally about 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. We do a few covers mostly bands we like. Cover songs are noted with a *.

1. Numb
2. Bleed
3. What's Done
4. Drowning
5. Once Again
6. Open My Mind
7. Such A Waste
8. Break Free
9. Breaking Me Down
10. The Resistance
11. What Lies Beneath
12. Step Down
13. The Change
14. Far Away
15. Untitled

*Driven Under - Seether
*Needles - Seether
*Bad Religion - Godsmack