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Madison, WI | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Madison, WI | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Lo-fi





I stumbled onto this release over the previous couple of weeks and was instantly blown away, so much so that it very easily found its way onto my personal list with supreme confidence!!

The Madison, WI. based band Disq, consists of solely two members: Raina Bock (bass guitar) and Isaac deBroux-Stone (vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards), both of whom entirely co-wrote and produced the eight stellar, melodically rich and often electrifying selections which stretch from power pop to full blown neo-psychedelia with unabashed purity, enthusiasm, energy and undeniable skill and astounding confidence.

Opening with the gloriously glam "Candy (She's Not So Sweet)" and flowing breathlessly through the bluesy grooves of "Neglect (Wondering)," the aggressive, full speed ahead 70's album rock styled "All I Do Is Nothing," the cheesy organ riffed garage rock of "Overloaded" and the epic finale of "I'm Sorry" plus four more multi-faceted songs that completely knocked me sideways over and again with all manner of musical surprises, What grabbed me s powerfully was that with this album, Disq arrives so fully formed, as if they were already seasoned professionals, but they still sound more than youthful enough to project an aesthetic that is as guileless as it is adventurous and, once again..fearless--an aspect that just may have something to do with the fact that DeBroux-Stone is just shy of his 18th birthday while Bock is only 16!

Just as with several of their contemporaries in the astonishing current Madison music scene, the ages of Disq is not considered to be a novelty for my ears. I know what I like and I definitely know what I love and do take my word for it, Disq has created an expansive work that at times suggested the roads of possibility as heard within something like the debut album from Tame Impala. Yes, they are that good, that skilled, that serious with their sense of songcraft, production and musicianship. Disq has demonstrated with their debut release that they are unafraid of approaching the creation of new music through various musical genres, sonic textures and even song lengths and armed with DeBroux-Slone's spellbinding guitar solos, they are proving themselves to being a force to be reckoned with.

Trust me, you don't want to miss this boat! - WSPC

"Lo-Fi Glam Band Disq Takes Over Madison's Stages"

Disq’s sound as they opened for Whitney at the end of University of Wisconsin’s fall semester hinted experience and their stage presence was laced with style.

A listener would hardly be able to tell they’re in high school.

They’ve proven their age doesn’t do anything to hinder their talent. In fact, they have managed to land countless shows at some of our favorite Madison venues, and their’s as well. These include The Majestic, High Noon Saloon and The Frequency, where they say they love its “small, kind of grubby, punk environment.”

So, who are the musicians behind the music? That would be Isaac DeBroux-Slone (guitar and vocals), Raina Bock (bass), Zoë Dennis (guitar and synthesizer) and whoever they can find to play on drums.

The Badger Herald spoke with DeBroux-Slone and Bock, both of whom are the founders and frontline of the Madison-based group. They founded this “lo-fi glam” band in 2014 and released their first eight-track album just last year.

DeBroux said he usually starts their creative process. He creates a “skeleton version” of the songs, and in turn, the rest of their musical team works on it. From there, the other members will give their input on top of his tracks.

This seems to be the general pattern between bands who don’t live in the same hometown. This is the case for Disq, though they don’t live too far apart. DeBroux-Slone lives here in Madison, while Bock resides in Viroqua — a two-hour drive away.

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Disq doesn’t let distance affect them too much. They still manage to create music, based off of shared yet different musical influences.

DeBroux-Slone said he finds inspiration in artists like Tame Impala. Admiration for Tame Impala’s collective and wholesome sound has influenced Disq’s goals. The Beatles have also had a significant impact.

Disq prefers lo-fi, in the moment recordings, rather than the polished, glossy sound of other types of music, DeBroux-Slone said.

Their inspirations are always changing though, and Bock said she can tell when DeBroux-Slone has been listening to new music, because those influences tend to seep into his work.

With one album under their belt, Disq is already moving on to new ideas. DeBroux-Slone “very speculatively” hopes for new work in the next year and a half. DeBroux-Slone and Dennis aren’t far off from graduation — both are seniors this year. Bock, though, is a junior, but she hopes to get most of her school work done early so that they can focus on music.

As far as college goes, they are putting it off to see where Disq takes them. As any band would, they hope for success. But they’re already well on their way after opening for some bigger bands, namely Whitney. - The Badger Herald


Disq 1, released July 2016. 



“Sophisticated beyond their years.”  --Isthmus

They may be teenagers, but don’t call them a teen band. Disq founders/songwriters Isaac deBroux-Slone and Raina Bock have been gigging with music pros up to triple their ages since elementary school, and wowing the faculty during summers spent at the Berklee College of Music.  Seasoned multi-instrumentalists, the duo cut their teeth playing in adult cover bands that paid homage to their deepest childhood influences, the Beatles and Beach Boys, Zeppelin and the Stones, Johnny Cash and the Clash. In 2014, the pair launched their own band Disq—a lo-fi, old school pop rock band that features knife-sharp songwriting against a backdrop of blazing psychedelic guitar fuzz.

Their first full length album Disq 1 was released on July 7, 2016.  The duo wrote one of the album's songs, "Overloaded" when they were in 8th and 9th grades. Subsequent songs were written and recorded, variously, on an old 4-track in a rustic cottage on the banks of the Mississippi River, a rambling tobacco warehouse in rural Wisconsin, and in the basement of Isaac's house in downtown Madison. Disq was fortunate to have Smart Studio veteran Doug Olson (Nirvana, the Smashing Pumpkins, etc.) in the studio helping out on the final mixes.

Not being old enough yet to patronize most music venues hasn’t stopped the four-member band from loading in the back doors of clubs and bars across the midwest to play a full slate of regional shows and festivals in support of the album's launch, as well as opening for touring acts such as Whitney, Quilt, Moon Honey, and Hippo Campus. With the permission of their parents and the blessings of their high schools, Disq is plotting their first national tour, set to launch in early 2017.

Influences:  The Beatles, Tame Impala, Todd Rundgren, Weezer.

Disq 1 available at: itunes, Amazon, Spotify & Tidal

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