Dissident is a rock band from Brussels, Belgium, with a lot of potential. Their sound is incredible and the vocals of "F" give us goosebumps! New album in 2012, must see!


DISSIDENT is a Belgian rock band founded by Fabrice 'F' Dubard (THE dIPLOMAT...), Pask Storme (Blutch...), Sebastien Decupere (The Negro Conspiracy...) and Salvatore 'Sato' Canicatti (ZeroSugar...). While working on the release of an album under the name THE dIPLOMAT
on a Brussels-based indie label in 2008, 'F' works on the development of a side project with his fellow drummer and partner in crime, Storme. End 2010, this new project is eventually ready to emerge. With the recruiting of Seb Decupere on guitar and Sato Canicatti on bass guitar, the band's songs abound with new sound experiments and experiences gained on the road. Lyrics also take a new direction, with the exploration of themes such as religion, love-hatred duality, loss of identity or death, then having a much darker tone than those developed in F's previous project.
DISSIDENT is born.


New album in 2012