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The best kept secret in music


"Suffocating in a Dead Scene"

After a smooth, keyboard-laden, off-kilter intro, Dissonant comes in full force with an American hardcore wrecking ball along the lines of Chimaira, Living Sacrifice and Lamb of God. Suffocating in a Dead Scene is the sophomore release from these highly skilled artisans of sonic manipulation. Choppy start-stop hardcore chockfull of vicious blasts and intricate guitar work appears to be the main focus here. Swedish-style death metal and harmonies erupt throughout the compositions; so do the avant breakdowns of genre heavyweights such as the End, Dillinger Escape Plan and As I Lay Dying. Nine tracks on this particular beast, all of them well thought out and methodically executed with the utmost precision: Dissonant is the type of band you can tell practices at least four times a week for hours on end. These boys are masters of their craft and could easily go blow for blow with the musicianship of Norma Jean or Scars of Tomorrow. Absolutely killer - you'll be hearing plenty from Dissonant in the near future.

Reason to Buy: One of the finest modern hardcore releases ever to come out of Michigan.

Best Listening Experience: "Charles Bronson Was Great in Deathwish 5" and "Suffocating in a Dead Scene."
- Real Detroit Weekly

"Suffocating in a Dead Scene Review"

I had to look this band up on its website, www.dissonantmusic.com, because I couldn’t believe the material I was hearing on Suffocating in a Dead Scene was the same band that recorded Darken the Hour, an EP that got a less-than-glowing review from yours truly. In fact, in a description of the disc on the band’s merch page, it states that the EP is for “…fans of nu-metal crap;� I couldn’t agree more. Forget anything you know about that EP because it in no way resembles the blazing metalcore found on Suffocating in a Dead Scene. It doesn’t even sound like the same band.

Stylistically speaking, the delivery is
probably closest to what you would hear out of some of the Ferret or Trustkill bands, that being modern hardcore with thrash metal elements. Dissonant has more metal than hardcore in the mix though and doesn’t try to constantly pierce your eardrums just because some dumbass knows how to make his strings squeal like a pig. The first thing that hits you is the caustic guitar tones that make the riffs even more chunky and crispy. There’s some shrill…um…dissonance in some of the guitar lines, yet, as I alluded to earlier, not in a noisecore kind of way; it’s mainly flesh-ripping riffs and searing guitar lines. A few brief, light passages serve to mix things up and build tension before the wave of destruction hits. The vocals are the typical (though not boring or purposefully emulated) throat-shredding barks mixed with violent shrieks. There are a few tunes, most notably on the chorus of “Six Feet of Solace,� in which melodic clean vocals are not only utilized smartly but don’t fail by pussifying the arrangement and killing the crush. Finally, the drumming is a high point with great double-bass work and hard-snap fills that terrorize the song structures. It’s always nice to see Charles Bronson’s name show up in a quirky song title as well (“Charles Bronson was Great in Deathwish 5�). Oh yeah, there’s also a hidden track, #69 (big surprise, eh?), that has the band having a little cock rock fun with a tune that is actually quite enjoyable and performed rather well. Dissonant won’t necessarily make you forget some of the better modern hardcore/thrash bands out there today, but they are certainly worth checking out. The album is a solid one.

- Live4metal.com

"Suffocating in a dead scene review"

A powerful metal onslaught forged by flames of discontent.
With Respect to their predecessors, Dissonant has infused
elements of Norwegian Black Metal and Swedish Gothenburg
sound with elements of American Hardcore. Their songs echo
memories of a forgotten metal integrity.

This nine song album lays it all out for the hardcore metal
fans. Songs like "Fear and Loathing" are deep and thought provoking.
Others like "Six Feet of Solace" are more aggresive and true hardcore
metal in nature. This CD definitly achieves it for all metal fans.
It actually renewed my interest in Metal. The hard driving adlenaline
accelerator that bleeds into your soul is amazing. This band is all
about preserving and enhancing their genre, and you realize that
moments into the CD. It has been a long time since I have heard a decent metal
Cd that has lifted me. MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT! When the oppurtunity arises
I will be there to see them live.
- Music Revue Magazine

"Suffocating in a Dead Scene review"

Dissonant have gone above and beyond the call of duty
in their attempt to save metal music. Sprouting out of
the quiet, midwestern city of Grand Rapids, Dissonant
brings their new album Suffocating in a Dead Scene.
With such brute force it is hopeful that this one
won't fall short of reaching many ears.

After even a short and quick listen any metal lover
will simply be in awe. It's hard not to ask oneself;
“Where the hell have these guys been hiding?� The
first four tracks of the album simply thrash out with
Jake Farran spewing lyrics in a death metal fashion.
It's not until the end of “Trend of The End� that the
first (short) guitar solo and sung line pop in from
Farran and guest Jenna Bulman. Lyrically, the whole
album stays on the dark side with death metaphors and
topics of hatred, betrayal, and drudging through the
day with a fake smile. Hey, it's metal after all. This
isn't any Polyphonic Spree, tree huggin' glee club

Surely enough, as the album progresses, more detail is
introduced to the songs. Unlike many thrashing metal
bands, Dissonant has learned to incorporate dual
vocals, singing, and acoustic sections. The song
“Suffocating in a Dead Scene� is a perfect example of
this adoptive style.

If you are looking for death metal meets modern day
hardcore then do what it takes to hunt down a copy of
Dissonant's new disc. Simply put, it's one of the best
metal albums of 2004. Also don't forget to check out
the hidden track for a good laugh.
- thepitfiend.com

"Suffocating in a Dead scene Review"

"How many kids in small towns who are only able to get good music via the Internet or mail order companies like Parasol or Lumberjack feel like they’re “Suffocating In a Dead Scene�? It’s that kind of
familiarity that permeates Dissonant’s All or Nothing Records debut. Ridiculously inventive, they combine everything from hardcore to thrash to black metal to even the Swedish Gothenburg sound that has found so many bands. Plus anyone with a song entitled “Charles Bronson Was Great in Deathwish 5� is fucking awesome, especially when it’s a song this sick—I mean it sounds like they’ve become human sledgehammers busting out sub woofers with the deep end and the tweaters explode
with the highs of their guitar riffage. No doubt they’ve made bands like Most Precious Blood, Hatebreed, Glassjaw, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dog Fashion Disco, and Lacuna Coil blush when they’ve shared the stage with them. This is extreme music for people that can’t get more extreme."
- smother.net

"Suffocating in a Dead Scene Review"

The intro to the first song on the album, “Fear,� immediately intrigued me and reminded me of Nile, Burnt by the Sun, and other bands who experiment instrumentally. Like the aforementioned Nile, the sound of Dissonant is influenced by middle-eastern music and makes for a very interesting mix. Unlike Nile though, Dissonant draws their influence from more metalcore-oriented bands like At the Gates, Darkest Hour, etc. I guess you could consider these guys the “Nile of hardcore.� Similarities to Burnt by the Sun also pop up in the vocal style and guitar technique. Vocals have the similar, powerful shout to Mike Olender but rather than a single tone throughout the entire album, there are experimentations with different tones. Melodic vocals are soaring but yet condensed and make for a more claustrophobic sound and then are crushed by throat-tearing howls and guttural growls. Guitars take the typical Scandinavian metal approach but pretty much throw the rulebook out the window when it comes to leads. Throwing in Egyptian, Middle-Eastern, and Far-Eastern influences much like the aforementioned Burnt by the Sun and Nile do, the band definitely strives to add something to their “Dead Scene.� Drums remind me of the on/off,start/stop blasts that bands like Norma Jean do with their offbeat rhythms and bizarre time signatures. Production is decent considering what a small label they’re on and what a small budget they probably had to stick by. I’d say the title of the album accurately describes it, a highly creative and different work that is smothered by the countless other acts in their genre. Maybe a label like Relapse will pick up on this eclectic group and sign them on."

- Pivotal Rage

"Darken the Hour Review"

Dissonant starts out with some solid metalcore with some of those screamo vocals. The first three tracks are actually pretty infectious with their solid metal groove, chunky production and angry young man vocals. Pretty aggressive stuff. I likey. We then hit "Hero" which is tailor made for MTV2 play. Then we get "Hate Will Blind" and it's back to smashing-backpacks-against-walls-with-wailing-parents-outside locked-bedroom door-core. - Hellride Music


"Darken The Hour" CD/EP - 2002
"Suffocating in a Dead Scene" CD/LP - 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from the quiet town of Grand Rapids, MI, a town known for producing radio friendly pops hit such as Verve Pipe's "the Freshman", Dissonant burned down the "local act" monkier long since their inception in 2001. With their intense live performances and destructive songwriting capability, Dissonant has made a name for themselves regionally the good old fashion way, by touring. Dissonant has shared stages across the country with such bands as Lacuna Coil, The Black Dahlia Murder, Himsa, Most Precious Blood, Terror, Hatebreed, Glassjaw, Dog Fashion Disco, Eighteen Visions, Sworn Enemy, Boy Sets Fire and many others.

With Respect to their predecessors, Dissonant has infused elements of Norweign Black Metal and Swedish Gothenburg sound with elements of American Hardcore, and melody usage like no other. Inspired by everything from Bay Area thrash to southern rock to cock rock, Dissonant's sound is mature beyond their years, and Their songs echo memories of a forgotten
Metal Integrity.

Dissonant's new full length "Suffocating in a Dead Scene" is best described by the angst and rage found in its title. A powerful Metal onslaught forged by flames of discontent and thoughts of a town turned to rubble, dissonant seeks to destroy the notions of being stuck in a another "core" genre, and any other standard that shuffles them in with the rest. Powerful epics such as the colossal "Fear" and "Loathing" take you deep into freemason global domination plots, while heavy hitters such as "Six feet of Solace" give you the well-deserved ass-kicking you crave. The, anthem driven "Recruit and Covert" closes the disc out with its pain inspiring breakdowns, but not before its dark, deadly instrumental introduction, "The Solution is Clear"