Distance is a modern rock band after the heart of the American music fan. Straight-forward rock carries substantial lyrics with strong melodies to the listener in a way that grabs attention and peeks curiousity.


Distance is negativity. It is what lies between where we are and where we want to be. But for some, distance just is. It represents the hard work left to do and is a reminder of how much better you can be. It serves as a milestone between who we are and what we are to become.

In much the same way the Orlando, FL based band Distance is working to be what they will become; a nationally selling & touring modern rock band. This is not an unattainable goal as they have the dedication, gear, and most importantly the songs to support their ambition. Although Distance is made up of the individual personalities of Kevin Hedrick, Paul Cohen, Rick Jordan & Matt Payne, the driving force behind Distance is song-writing and lyricism; the two main keys to success in the music industry.

With the release of the debut album “8 miles to empty”, Distance is prepared to take the industry by storm. In its first week of release the album had already gotten the attention of Robert Thompson of Kings of A&R. “8 miles to empty” features 13 songs produced by Brett Hestla, Justin Thomas & Distance and is a compelling example of what modern rock is and should be.

In support of their album, Distance has played at such well known venues as Hard Rock Live & The Social in Orlando, the Masquerade in Tampa, and Eddie C’s in Gainesville. They are continuing to grow their fan-base and build their reputation by continuing to play shows around Florida. Distance wants to get their music to the people and is not hindered by ego. They are not afraid to open for other acts and welcome any chance to play a show.

You will find no given meaning for the music that Distance creates. Like distance itself, it is what it is. The meanings and application of their lyrics & music are for each fan to decide for themselves. In it you may find healing, retrospect, ambiguity, enlightenment, or even controversy.

Look ahead :: there is Distance.



Written By: K. Hedrick (Distance)

only in life is there beauty
only in beauty do you find love
only in life comes misconception
only in misconception
do we die
still die

your life is fake
taking all you have
leaving you empty
meaningless (x2)

only in death is there freedom
only in freedom do you find hope
only in death comes understanding
only in understanding
can we cope
just cope


life is fake it's just a game
taking everything away
leaving you empty


Who We Are

Written By: K. Hedrick (Distance)

you look at life with big bright eyes
innocent as when the cries supplied your first breath
seemingly seeing everything for the first time
always seeing positives and over-looking death

while others see what's wrong you see what can be
others see suffering and you see smiles
they see people being left behind and you see memory
they turn around to see where they've been
and you look ahead for miles

let us run free like we don't care
who we are at all
let us look around with a young mind
seeing things for the first time

were taught to focus on growing old, dying
seeing our life leave us behind
why can't we just be happy, never crying
worries of the future never entering our mind

(chorus x2)

Rag Doll

Written By: K. Hedrick (Distance)

i've always been around to sand away your edges
they were too rough, too careless, with too much malice
did they care that you'd break
that i'd give what it takes
to see you back the perfect way that you were made

little dusty rag doll
if i could give you my all
make you clean again
teach you how not to fall

and i've always been around to retie a tattered string
they gave you no love, took much, did an evil thing
did they think that you'd break
under all their added weight
but i'd be around to unmake the mess they'd made


torn apart, on the floor
thrown around, you're broken down (x2)

(chorus x2)


Distance - "8 Miles to Empty"; 13-song album released July 21st, 2004

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Set List

Typical Set: 40 Minutes.
8 Miles to Empty
Never Never
Who We Are
Rag Doll
Coming Into View
My Own Judge
Role Play