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Distant Pham is the most creative hip hop group to rise up in years.


In the first minute of a DISTANT PHAM song, you will already feel the raw, high energy given off by these two lyricists. Even in high school, rapping over Wu-Tang Clan instrumentals, they proved a force to be reckoned with. DP embraces hip-hop in its truest form. Their talents out shined those who opposed them during verbal battle with freestyles that would match any one's written lyrics. That was years ago, on the playgrounds, in alleys and school hallways--- the PHAM has grown.

It all started the summer of ’95 in Okinawa Japan when Reality and Wizard connected and started taking their talents more seriously. Unfortunately, taking rap “more seriously” back then was rapping on instrumentals from store bought singles and recording vocals in a studio that consisted of a karaoke machine and microphone. After graduation, Wiz and Reality both joined the military to sustain a stable life, while supporting their dreams of becoming professional rap artists. DISTANT PHAM has come a long way. They have progressed greatly from the days of the karaoke machine to a Roland VS-1880, the same digital multi-track recorder used by the Neptune’s. The Wiz now makes beats using the MPC 2000XL, which is the tool of choice for many industry level artists, such as Organized Noize (Outkast), Dr. Dre, and High-Tek. These advanced tools of recording and beat making, in addition to the PHAM’s unique talent, puts them ahead of many artists at this level in the industry. Having the ability to produce music influenced by those who led the way for them gives them the opportunity to perfect a sound uniquely DISTANT PHAM. Their up beat, fluent rap style is complete with well thought out, witty and at times complex lyrics that clearly set them both apart from and above the rest.

There’s no doubt that DISTANT PHAM’s specialty is the aggressive battle rap format, but they are not at all limited to just that. Their versatility is proven on such tracks as “Get Right” and “Follow me” where they use a tongue twisting mid-western style or tracks such as “The Love” where they express their intimacy and love for Hip-Hop.

The industry has been flooded with so many variations of commercial hip-hop that it has become the desire and personal conquest of DP to not only be heard, but more importantly, become the voice of hip-hop. DISTANT PHAM intends to separate the real and true lyricists from those who just rap in the industry with a call for Dialog. These young men are true and skillful artists of rap with unbelievable delivery and the presence to be noticed in the most crowded of areas. DISTANT PHAM is destine to take the industry and the masses across the nation by surprise and change the current state of Hip-Hop. Bare witness as Distant Pham reaches Deep Inside Souls That Are Never Touched, while always keeping Principles Held Above Money! Who’s ready?


The Love

Written By: Javon Craig (Reality) and Kelby Walker (Wiz)

Verse One
Realz: Since I was fifteen all I wanted to be was a m.c / I heard Big, knew I was destined to rap in this Biz / I wrestle with this, lyrically wrestle with kids / Blowing up… but sitting on the threshold of it / Incredible with lyrics and rhymes, gimmicks and lines / mimic my rhymes It don’t bother me, give it a try, but you better be using your own style out of your own mouth… be versatile that’s what hip hop’s about.
Wiz: Music’s my outlet remember how the moms made me mad, I would turn the volume on my Onyx cd louder / ODB melody style would sooth me somehow as a punk kid… wish kids from back then could see me right now / Completely wild with music, pursue it… can even freestyle I do it so fluent / The truest right now / Confusing right? / I grip mics loving it when shit rocks / I believe I’m even the breathing empitamy of hip-hop.

Chorus 2x: I want to rhyme till I die… that’s all I wanted to do / Just sit back and let the beat make love to you / This is hip-hip / This is hip-hop

Verse Two
Wiz: Rap is a skill you have to work at / Herbs that think they can do it as fluent as we do get their verse smacked out of their hand / Half my life I’ve prepared for Distant Pham… everyday I pray never to sway from the master plan / I’m not ran by sound scan, never sold a millions copies of nothing, but I’m not fronting when I say I can / Its hip-hop, the love’ll never stop when you do it from the heart, when the rhyme sparks, see thoughts when the beat drops
Realz: Rap is a work art, its from the heart that’s why I pick a part and rip apart fake counterparts when the music starts / A lionheart, not only concerned with charts / I learn to spar, illuminate the night when I talk / I sick of these nigga thinking they can spit about triggers when they aint do that / Who that? / They aint G-Rap / line them, they can’t see rap I’m mad, I want my culture back / these vulture cats got everything but skills they lack.

Chorus 2x

Verse Three
Realz: This is a beat I could make love too, Let the drums hug you, caress you, touch you, musically undress, clutch you, make your body move in slow motion, damn / Its kind of like the waves in the ocean / This is hip-hop / Let your head nod or your bed rock / It goes back to prehistoric times back in Bedrock / I cant stop, It wont stop, its too hot like cops that stop on a drug invested block
Wiz: The music is beautiful, lovely, soothing / Its seems hard to believe Wizard produced it / You feign to move to the beat like she and I, the only ones that exist except the night / Its hard to resist to represent on the mic / when I hear her, goals come nearer, flows are clearer / Show superior skills foreal when I feel near her / I make the beat so DP can be her first / You see we hurt beats that don’t feign for our bursts of energies

Chorus 2x


We have released two albums locally. "Deep Inside Souls" (2002) and "The Love" (2004). We are currently in the mastering process on our third studio album, "The Hunger" set for a Fall 2006 release. We have been featured on various internet sites, including the Urban American Show (www.urbanamerican.tv) We have not breached the radio system yet, due to the programming constraints of our local radio station. We have been extremely successful with songs played at the clubs and venues throughout the state of Florida as well as in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Set List

Our song list changes for each venue, depending on the venue. We have a set for every kind of crowd (underground hip-hop, commercial rap, and even rock crowds). We usually do a 30-40 minute set, but we also have a 10 minute set for events that consist of other artists performing. We do have clean versions of all our showtapes, just let us know a head of time.