Metal with the blips/loops/samples of Industrial music ... without a cookie monster on the lead vox. We sound like someone ripped a synthesizer's asshole open and R2-D2, a Skill saw and some big-ass wrenches hit the operating room floor...


Carved-out of the network that is home to some of the legends of Blues and Country & Western music, as well as very volatile underground Pop and Metal scenes, DISTEMPERED marks the self-proclaimed "Live Music Flea Market of the World", better known as Austin, Tx as well as Houston, Tx, as the basis of its Industrial/Metal
formulation. Formed in the year 2000, DISTEMPERED remains the conceptualization of founder D.B. Chilcutt with original drummer, Erik Laughlin, Heath Cram, as well as new comers J.Koole and Sean Moon.
DISTEMPERED, repeatedly, have executed unrefuted performances with many local and national acts. Publicly respected, recognized and awarded over the years as being one of Texas' premiere Metal/Industrial acts, the raw power of their live performances continue to re-educate the narrow-minded and leave them scarred and fiending for more. 2006 brought on the realization of having worn-out the road, as well as wearing-out themselves in support of the first two self constructed recordings (2001's E.P. THE HABIT BOX and 2004's Department Of Correction). During that time, they were unexpectedly being pushed out of their lease at their personal studio of three years due to an "unfortunate" situation and relocated to a much more fruitful that is in a freshly-renovated rest home (which has proven to be haunted ... and inspiring).
A brief live show hiatus for equipment overhaul and gaining some new blood had to come about. The third and not yet titled recording is currently in progress. As with the previous recordings based on introspective thought and personal experience with the modern-day realism of a twisted fable to learn by, the new material marks the band's familiar electronic garnishments over an arsenal of psychocharged guitar riffs. There is no denying the solidity of DISTEMPERED and its mental disruption that shoves the rusty barrel of reality in your mouth and pulls the trigger, leaving glitches scattered like the aftermath of the backside of your head from a shotgun blast ... WE ARE PROGRAMMING THE APOCALYPSE FOR YOU!!!


Habit Box (2001)
Departent of Correction (2004)
Higher Ground (DVD)
local / regional radio play (101x - Austin, 99.5 Kiss - San Antonio, 93.7 KLBJ - Austin)

Set List

Typical set list from 35 mins. to 1 hr. 10 mins.
Occasional cover tune, mostly original