Distorted Penguins

Distorted Penguins

 Cumberland, Maryland, USA

The way Rock N' Roll music should be!!


Distorted Penguins are a five piece rock band from Cumberland, MD whose live show is "one of the most energetic and prevailing live performances ever," according to Jarrad Rapley of Electro Entertainment Magazine. For the past 7 years, DP has developed a continuous touring schedule, including a national tour and several east coast tours. Their vigorous touring schedule and their latest full-length release, Billiam Rockwell, has helped them average over 150 live performances a year.

Being powered from the beginning by the star brilliance of "Magic" Dave Mussen, the Distorted Penguins have become a household name in the east coast scene. Since Magic Dave's tragic death in April of 2000, the remaining members of DP
have adjusted their line-up in order to keep Dave's message alive.

DP has combined power-pop, rock and a horn section to create an energetic and fast-paced style they have deemed "falling rock." With countless numbers of performances at world-famous rock clubs, bars, festivals, and over 20 colleges, DP
has worked feverishly to reach the masses. With their versatile style, DP has performed with many national acts such as, Blues Traveler, O.A.R., Less than Jake, Violent Femmes, Mos Def, Reel Big Fish, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, and 2 Skinnee J's.


Billiam Rockwell (2005)
demo (2004)
What Would Your Mother Say? EP (2002)
Magic (2001)
Ain't Got None Monies (1997)

Set List

depending on the type of show we are performing our sets can either last between 30min - 2 hours +.

orginials we do:
Shakin' Up My Room
Little Bit Closer
Jive Talkin' Lady
Color of the Sun
My Only You
Someone New
Headbanger's Ball
Cloud 9
Falling Rock
Sexi Lexi
+ many more.

some covers we do:
I Want You Back
True Fine Love
40 oz. to Freedom
Bridges to Babylon
Right Back
+ more.