Primarily we play a mix of all out ballsy rock'n'roll, folk, dance , pop and punk, all of which incorporate melodic harmonies and real thought. Our music cannot be classed as one type as all genre's are covered


Five band members drawn from four Dublin bands, The Rags, Stars of The City, Hundred Bullets and Pinhead. All previous projects forgotten Distractors headed straight into the rehearsal studio in Aug’06 and got straight to work on a collection of songs that they felt would represent their varied musical tastes. They now plan to release material in May'07

Set List

We dont play any covers. Set can last from between 35 - 60 minutes.

1: Burning Flags
2: The Fall
3: Swallowed By Fire
4: Sharks
5: Bodies
6: In The Beginning
7: Manic Boy
8: Misfortune
9: Lovers Face
10: Moon
11: Call to Arms
12: Conscious