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Highlighting this lyrical duo's awakening career, Kay and Aace have earned success in being the number one opening act for international and Canadian Urban artists streaming through Western Canada. Kay and Aace have also had the opportunity to spread their success and be heard beyond their stomping grounds, touring with artists such as Flo Rida, D12, Classified, Joe Budden, Royce da 59, Redman & Methodman, Snoop Dogg, Ashanti, Eve, Nas, The Game, Akon, Rihanna, Truth Hurts, 2 Live Crew, Carl Henry, Shawn Desman, Keshia Chante, Red 1, Obie Trice, Ginuwine, Mario, Fabolous, Boyz II Men and Sean Kingston.

Over five years of dedication has led to their creation of thought provoking lyrics, taking you on a brilliantly produced journey of dreamscapes and sounds, rich with intensity, ultimately taking Hip Hop to another level. Kay and Aace, Kyle Layton and Aaron Cromwell, spent their young years listening to the groundbreakers of the Canadian Hip Hop scene, absorbing the elements, which paved the way for the success of such artists as Maestro Fresh Wes, Dream Warriors, Rascalz, K-Os and Kardinal Offishall. Last year the group was presented an offer by an American indie label, which they declined, as they felt their sound wasn't at the desired level yet. "You only have one chance to make a first impression and we wanted to make sure when that opportunity presented itself, that we were ready" (Aace). Kay and Aace have devoted the last two years to the development and mastery of their abilities as lyricists. Along with their producer Illangelo, are now ready to make their first impression with their debut album "Dreamworld", a sound to be known throughout both the Canadian and world Hip Hop scenes.

Hip Hop is changing, and Kay and Aace are on the leading edge of that change. This could possibly be the greatest Hip Hop album to ever come out of Canada. "I feel this is an opportunity to take Canadian Hip Hop to another level. We (Canadian Urban Artists) all need to improve our song writing skills, and overall production of our records. Until then, it's hard to compete with records coming out of the U.S. This is exactly what we have done. We've taken two years to hone our song writing and production skills, because we want to compete on the world stage. We are confident enough to say we now have a world class record" (Kay).



Written By: District 5

Aace: She is a liar, District 5

Kay: She's every mans desire
She said she'll take you higher
She'll set your life on fire
She is a Liar
She ran round with my crew
She said she .. me too
I thought, I thought you knew
She is a liar

Aace: Keep a secret about me and you we should
Just have sex
Kiss your neck and tell me what spot
To go next
Addicted to your love I get
Get hot sweats
The bedroom show you why the district
Is the best, so lets
Get out of here where no one near
Just jet, to a set
Where you can moan and groan and no one hear

Illangelo: Girl you gotta hush, hush, hush, hush
Girl you gotta hush, hush, hush, hush
She is a liar
Girl you gotta hush, hush, hush, hush
Girl you gotta hush, hush, hush, hush
She is a liar

Kay: Well I’m the type.. that all the .. figure that is the right type of guy to get with
So I keep a few around cause I know there all down just as long as I can keep them separate
Now I know she kinda fly, she be making .. cry, aint .. coming out her mouth honest
She don't know about the truth, so I spit in the booth, never listen when she says I promise
So before the word breaks, imma set it all straight, make sure remembers the name
And you can freak around me, don't speak about me, guarantee that i keep it the same
Keep it on the hush

Ssh Ssh Ssh Ssh
Ssh Ssh Ssh Ssh
Ssh Ssh Ssh Ssh
Ssh Ssh Ssh Ssh

District 5




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Dreamworld (Coming Fall 2010)