District Somnium

District Somnium

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

District Somnium writes unabashedly emotional, stadium-worthy rock anthems. Electrifying dynamics and soaring melodies lead to cathartic choruses, and vocal deliveries that have the earnest yearning that instantly evokes both windswept mountaintop vistas and crushing heartbreak.


District Somnium was started in the summer of '07. After previous bands folded due to college splits, District Somnium came together and weeded out 4 musicians that share the same level of dedication and passion for the sound they create. The path hasn't been easy for the group. The band tore through Chicago's music scene looking for the perfect fit to make their launch. Finally a man from New York answered the call and Hamidi was cemented into the line up.
The band has taken their latest release, "Heading East EP", on the road and show no signs of slowing down.

We create the music that we love, and we love creating it. Our goal is to create an opportunity to connect with you, the listener. Have a listen...

We hope we can vitalize more then just your eardrums.


Regain Your Soul - Demo 2010

Animus- Debut Album 2011.

Heading East EP - 2012

Set List

Family Nectar
Ruby Youth
Little One
Regain Your Soul
Across The Pond