District Somnium

District Somnium

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

This band makes a big sound through interesting elements of percussion and harmonies. The music has a way to drive through a crowd and create and energy that is not soon forgotten by its viewers. DS has put in the leg work as a Chicago rock band and wants nothing more then to expand their horizons.


Chicago up & comers District Somnium have just released their new masterfully crafted EP, “Heading East.” With strong resemblances to Band of Horse, their sound is brash, meaningful and unique. The band’s true talent and creativity is shone throughout the album with memorable melodies and gang vocals bringing a new edge to the rock world. The organic, yet powerful chords will hit close to home for indie rock fanatics. Give “Heading East” a listen on iTunes. You won’t be disappointed.

"...District Somnium writes unabashedly emotional, stadium-worthy rock anthems. Electrifying dynamics and soaring melodies lead to cathartic choruses, and Adam’s vocal delivery has the earnest yearning that instantly evokes both windswept mountaintop vistas and crushing heartbreak...crank up the intensity, and wind up for these rolling epics."
-Illinois Entertainer

"From director Jake Thomas of Ekaj Studios comes District Somnium‘s newest video for their hit “Across the Pond”, from their recently released album “Heading East“...The song itself is something you wouldn’t expect from an up and coming band, with it’s booming vocals and cleverly integrated guitar riffs that entail each phase of the song was created with meaning and a love for music in general. "

"Talk about an epic bunch of musicians. No, seriously, these songs are Zeppelin long...these guys came together to write some pretty radio-friendly music. You will find yourself getting lost in their songs wondering if you're still listening to a local band or Brand New..."
-Crescendo Magazine


Regain Your Soul Demo 2009

Animus 2010 (Debut Album streaming online and has frequent radio airplay on college radio stations throughout Illinois)

Heading East EP 2011 (online streaming, frequent radio play on college stations)

Set List

Little One
Ruby Youth
Mustache On Purpose
Regain Your Soul