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If you are tired of all the watered down music in hip-hop, then Distruck is the answer to your prayers. Born and raised in Yonkers New York, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Inspired by the rap games most elite mc’s such as Nas, Biggie, Black Moon, Wu-Tang Clan and many others, he has developed a unique style that’s both rough and smooth. You’ll definitely feel his aggressiveness and at the same time his music is also soothing on the ears.

Even though he is a hardcore rapper first and foremost, Distruck also has radio friendly hit material. He’s no slouch on the performing side of things as well. He has torn down spots all over New York such as club float, club speed, remote lounge, and many other venues. Distruck is definitely one of the few new artists that can contribute to rap musics respected form of art (Hip-Hop).


Solo projects include:

Distruck - Gimmie Room

Projects appeared on as a featured artist include:

K-Hard - A-GAME
Earl Franchise - Necessary Evil
Fidel - High Times of A Low Life
The Circle - We Came To Work
Shion - Audio Crack
The Circle - We Declare War Vol 1