Dita Monique

Dita Monique


Dita Monique has her own sound... And when she performs it's like a breath of fresh air....


Di’ta Monique has made an indelible mark on the music landscape. One of the selected individuals, who are able to transcend the limitations that frequently, pigeonholes creative artist. The versatile, Rochester, NY - born woman has consistently demolished the notion that she is “just another Songstress.” Her vocal cords have been touched by some higher power. She can put the hair on the back of your neck at attention. Her Range is phenomenal. She can start a song in the basement vocally speaking, and push it to the heavens. Di’ta demonstrates her skills not only by singing, but she is also a songwriter and actress. Her vocal abilities and creativity; combined with star quality charisma has made her one of the real gems in the world of theater. She has toured nationally with Off – Broadway plays. Because of her magnificent talent, she has landed the leading role on several occasions.. Her vocal style is versitile. She has a jazzy sound, R and B and gospel roots...

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CD release summer 2009
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