"(Ditchwater is) Honest, and honestly good, Chicago Rock." James Van Osdel, WZZN 94.7 FM "Ditchwater are a top quality American metal band that sound like they are ready to take on the world." Grebo, Vanity Project Fanzine


Persistence, the will to survive, the mind set to keep striving ahead to acheive a goal. These words best describe the journey that is Ditchwater.

Guitarist Mark Anderson and vocalist Mike Meadows began building the foundation of the current version of the band in April of 2002. Re-emerging in late 2004, determined, with a single vision to establish their new sound. In December of the same year, Mike "JR." Friese was brought in to handle the second guitar duties. In February of 2005 drummer Jason Angone was brought aboard and the core of the new line up was secured. (Bassist John O'Reilly took over the bass duties in June of 2005)

Thriving on the success of the previous EP "Sees Me Through" (released in 2003) which received positive reviews through all media outlets. The single "It's Over" received radio and internet airplay worldwide. Also the band shared the stage with many national and top local acts throughout the midwest.

In June of 2005 a new 4 song promotional CD was released. Produced by Chris Djuricic, the new CD shows a more diverse sound, showcasing the mix of memorable vocal melodies with aggressive guitars along with the tight grooves laid down by the bass and drums. Intertwining various influences together to create their own unique blend of modern rock/metal.

Ditchwater is now solely focused on getting their music out to the masses, expanding on the buzz previous efforts have created for the band. They will stay strong, they will stay persistent.


3-song Promo CD "Sees Me Through" (2003)
4-song Promo CD "Persistence" (2005)

Set List

All Original music, 30 to 45 minute sets