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Ditchwater @ US Beer Company

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Ditchwater @ The Annex

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Ditchwater @ Rory's

Addison, Illinois, USA

Addison, Illinois, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Band: Ditchwater
Website: www.ditchwater.com
Demo/EP: Sees Me Through
Sound: Hard Rock
Reviewed by: Ashley
Date: January 27, 2004

Before I get into the review, let me give you a little background information about Ditchwater. First, they hail from Chicago, IL and are made up of: Mark Anderson (Guitar), J.J. Romero (Drums), Mike Meadows (Vocals) and Skube (Bass) and have been together since 1996. Okay, now that that is done. Lets move on to the review...

To be completely honest I haven't heard any hard rock that doesn't sound the same, but after listening to Ditchwater -- I'd have to say, that its about fucking time that a band isn't afraid to be unique and stand out. I think nowadays to much is focused on how you look rather than how you sound. In this case, I can't compare Ditchwater to another hard rock band because they don't sound like anything I've heard. The 3-song demo which tracks included "Its Over," "Sees Me Through" (title track) and "Thankless" have a lot of melodic melody going in the songs. In some parts its more heavier and softer in others (which is good 'cause you gotta change it up sometimes). All three songs are head bangers (so you can drive and rock out to the tracks) for those of you who still like to do it. Again, I wish the demo was longer (3 songs is too short for me, but its a demo).

Overall: Great sound and great band. I'd see them live.

Recommended tracks: Sees Me Through and Thankless
- The Edge Underground

"Sees Me Through"

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Ditchwater is back with another excellent EP containing three songs that solidly deliver the band's powerful rock'n'roll sound.

I hate to keep going back to previous reviews, but I described "The Stupendous Yappi" - the last Ditchwater CD I wrote about here - as a blend of Disturbed and Rob Zombie. That sound has skewed away a bit from the Rob Zombie portion and moved more toward Disturbed meets Godsmack. And that's not a bad thing.

The three songs on this CD, "It's Over," "Sees Me Through" and "Thankless," are all guitar-heavy rockers, running at a tempo that's hard and heavy yet not too powerful to get the band radio airplay. "Thankless" also features a raging guitar solo that may leave your stereo speakers smoking. Vocalist Mike Meadows really shines on this CD as well - his voice is strong and versatile and his unique style - best described as (shockingly enough) falling somewhere between David Draiman and Sully Erna - is one of this EP's many highlights.

It's been interesting watching Ditchwater grow over the years. The band just keeps getting better. What impresses me most is that - in addition to the tightening of their performance and the honing of their songwriting skills - Ditchwater remains consistent and confident. Their music is as good or better than anything the major record labels are pushing on us.

Hey, Record Labels - how about giving Ditchwater a well-deserved shot!

Ditchwater: Mark Anderson - guitarist; J.J. Romero - drummer; Skube - bass; Mike Meadows - vocals.

For more information, check out http://www.ditchwater.com.
- Rough Edge



Chicago’s Ditchwater unleash their latest demo for review, a three track CD to see how they are progressing. ‘It’s Over’ proves a hard riffed affair, the song is fuelled with emotion yet in the hard rock sense, the vocals are harmonised in chorus to achieve a great hook effect with the song, certainly very promising, and a song that will stick with people. ‘See Me Through’ contrasts with a higher tempo and a meatier rock edge to it, yet again using their harmonies for choruses, not too much unlike a band such as Taproot would do, another strong track that continues along the same lines as the last. ‘Thankless’ finishes the demo with another well executed hard rock song, with a good chorus and catchy guitar parts that see the track through well. Ditchwater certainly have the power and potential in what they do, and as this demo proves they certainly have the talent to go a step further than they currently are on. The band really nail their songs well, although must be careful not to be pigeonholed in certain genres that have been over done in the past, although I think if they continue to evolve their sound, this should not be a problem, quite impressive stuff from the Chicago four piece.

- Audiocratic

Ditchwater CD Review
by Robert Beneux

Track List:
It's Over
Sees Me Through

If you like bands like Godsmack, you will dig this band. They are a group to take notice of. I will say that the song "It's Over" is one of the most addictive songs that I have ever listened to. I mean, for a three song sampler, this is one of the most enjoyable samplers that I have ever gotten. They have the talent to go far and I want to wish them the very best. Never stop the great music that you offer all the fans. - Future Impact Magazine

DITCHWATER/Sees Me Through-

Though this band isn't playing a style of metal I like too much, I can see this band selling millions of records. They remind me of Nickelback a lot. The band have the chops down, the vocals are a perfect fit for the band and I can see any of these songs being massive on rock radio if they get signed. - Metalcore Fanzine


Chicago, Illinois's DITCHWATER has been a band who has stuck with the Romper for years now. With a small lose of communication, I finally got in touch with them to find out they had a new three song demo. So after checking it out, I'm totally happy with the progress of the band. IT'S OVER starts out the demo with this massive amount of melody and a hook that will be embedded in your head forever. The vocals are really melodic and has this rough yet soothing ambiance. SEES ME THROUGH is up next and has this edgy, rigid, harder push to it. The vocals don't stray too much from the rough/melodic tone. THANKLESS has a faster boast of energy and when the chorus rolls it slows up a tad and gets a bit more melodic. A song that has riveting composer and definite melodic tones to give you a taste of every mood in one song. The only downfall I have about the disc is the vocals because they don't stray in diversity from song to song, but what you hear is good stuff. Just wish a little more diversity was placed in each song. Other than that DITCHWATER has made new songs that show their growth n maturity.
by: Stephanie Stevens
- East Coast Romper

DitchwaterSees Me Through 3-Song Demo

My friends from Illinois are back with a new 3-song demo that is sure to please the fans and will make naysayers reconsider their position.

First track “It’s Over” borders between rock and metal… it’s too loud to be the first and too melodic to be considered the latter. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a damn good song. As are “Sees Me Through” and “Thankless”. Both of which come with a lot of Sevendust influences.

It’s obvious that these guys are making progress and I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from these guys especially if they keep writing songs like this!
- Punk Rock Theory


3-song Promo CD "Sees Me Through" (2003)
4-song Promo CD "Persistence" (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Persistence, the will to survive, the mind set to keep striving ahead to acheive a goal. These words best describe the journey that is Ditchwater.

Guitarist Mark Anderson and vocalist Mike Meadows began building the foundation of the current version of the band in April of 2002. Re-emerging in late 2004, determined, with a single vision to establish their new sound. In December of the same year, Mike "JR." Friese was brought in to handle the second guitar duties. In February of 2005 drummer Jason Angone was brought aboard and the core of the new line up was secured. (Bassist John O'Reilly took over the bass duties in June of 2005)

Thriving on the success of the previous EP "Sees Me Through" (released in 2003) which received positive reviews through all media outlets. The single "It's Over" received radio and internet airplay worldwide. Also the band shared the stage with many national and top local acts throughout the midwest.

In June of 2005 a new 4 song promotional CD was released. Produced by Chris Djuricic, the new CD shows a more diverse sound, showcasing the mix of memorable vocal melodies with aggressive guitars along with the tight grooves laid down by the bass and drums. Intertwining various influences together to create their own unique blend of modern rock/metal.

Ditchwater is now solely focused on getting their music out to the masses, expanding on the buzz previous efforts have created for the band. They will stay strong, they will stay persistent.