Discover Sevdalinka- musical combination of Oriental, European and Sephardic elements

Let young musicians of Divanhana to lead you into a slow or moderate tempo and rich musical harmony, leaving a melancholic feeling with the listener.

World of this music is an introverted world, but at the same time beautiful, full of hidden shades which arerevealed through the poetry, melody and interpretation of the sevdalinka.

As WOMEX 2012 is going to have a new 'jazz & world' focus, Divanhana is


From the Balkan city of Sarajevo is Divanhana. Sarajevo, the quintessential crossroads between the East and the West. Today, a place where the heritage of eras passed is reinvigorated with a zest for new undertakings. And you can feel that inside of the music of band Divanhana.

Divanhana performs traditional music in new arrangements as a result of the fusion of jazz, pop and classical music from the 20th century.
Divanhana's intention is to present not only the urban traditional music from Bosnia and Herzegovina but also the traditional music from other Balkan countries, with a particular attention to sevdalinka.

The Balkans are rich in diverse music styles, among them the sevdalinka tradition. With its slow tempi and melancholic themes that must always be sung with passion, this is very emotionally charged music. The style is enjoying a renaissance, let by the young musicians of Divanhana, who have gathered songs all over Balkan. With contemporary instrumentation of woodwinds, piano, bass and drums complimenting the traditional accordion and vocals, sevdalinka is cast in a new light, its Sephardic and oriental elements opened up to a jazz sensibility.


CD Single "Zaplakala Secer Djula" Sep 2010
CD "Dert" May 2011
CD single "Evo srcu mome radosti" Dec 2011
CD single "Crven Fesic" April 2012

Set List

1. Jovano
2.Evo Srcu Mome Radosti
3.Simsir list
4.Crne Fesic
5.Oj Ovcarce
7.Kradem ti se