Song-Based Electronica That Combines Slamming Beats with Ethereal Melodies


Divasonic - Ethereal Electronic Songwriting from the Cutting Edge Female Digital Music Producer

If you enjoy artists like Bjork, Everything But the Girl, and Kosheen, you will go mad for the sound of Divasonic. Multi-instrumentalist Lynda Arnold released her debut album, Birth, which is a concoction of genre crossing beats mixed with Lynda's ethereal vocals and catchy lyrical style. Lynda uses her flute and piano chops throughout to album to embellish the layers of synths and effects. Birth isn't just a bunch of songs thrown together randomly, but rather a conceptual journey from start to finish, cronicalling the journey of a new soul learning it's path. Is the soul yet to be born? Is the soul being born again? How many lifetimes do you live? Divasonic wants you to feel what lies beneath our surfaces - what the eyes can't see.

Lynda Arnold completed most of the programming, arrangements, songwriting, vocals, flute and keyboards on the songs. The album was further mixed, recorded, enhanced and programmed by legendary house music producer Safar Bake. Safar released his debut album on Virgin Germany/EMI Middle East under the name 'Spiritual Brothers' in 2004 with his partner, Pierre Raven. Divasonic is a featured flute soloist on the track 'Moondance.' Other featured artists on the record include Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Real World), Dariush and B.R.Shanker.

Divasonic music is currently represented to film and tv by June St Entertainment in Los Angeles. June St. is the largest independent Film/TV consultant in the country. Recent songs submitted to the June St. catalog were mixed by seasoned producer/mixer Tony Philips (Joni Mitchell, Pete Townsend, Duran Duran). The Birth album is also featured on the first Artist Showcase Competition on Music-Tech.net, as an Editor’s Pick on Download.com, On MI2N.com as a Best of the Batch pick and has received rave reviews from music enthusiasts and online music reviewers. Through CDbaby.com, the Birth album is available on all major download music sites including Itunes, Napster, Audiolunchbox.com, and more. Also available is a solo new age piano CD by Divasonic entittled 'Grace Notes.' The unique electronic sound of Divasonic is continually evolving.

Divasonic and her partner, Safar, are currently performing heavy, high-energy electronic music sets that will blow you away! They have sworn off standing behind laptops and instead program and perform every sound you hear live.

For additional information about Divasonic as well as her past collaborations and upcoming performances please visit her official website:


Birth 2004 - Modern Ethereal Electronica

'The Other Side' Single is streaming on Eoradio.com
'Calm Freeze,' 'Begin' and 'Escape' Instrumental Singles are streaming on OEMRadio.org

Grace Notes 2002 - Solo Piano

Spiritual Brothers 2004 - Virgin Germany/EMI Arabia (Divasonic - Featured Artist)

Set List

We have up to a two hour set available performing songs and slamming instrumentals from my new album 'Birth' including the following songs:

Filled With Love
So Alive
Lucky Star (cover)
The Other Side
Candy Store
Heart in My Hands
Obsession (cover)
Fairy Girl
Calm Freeze
I Am
From Heaven
Calm of the One