Diver is a five piece progressive/art/metal/rock band from Flint MI whose sound is a genre swallowing, mind altering, and welcomed derivation of the norm. Diver's subject matter and sound never strays from the abnormal.


Influences: Master of Puppets, U2, ...and justice for all, queens of the stone age, Queen, absence, the talking heads, in flames, yes, gypsies, king crimson, the mars volta, sunny day real estate, mr bungle, faith no more, neil young, ABF, the beautiful sound of a distorted guitar ringing in your ears, blood fist, metroid, orgasms, fibonacci sequence, propaghandi, at the drive in, electric light orchestra, emerson lake and palmer, PBK, 8-bit porno, buggery.

Sounds Like: broken harpsichord, solved rubiks cubes, childhood, movie scores, an orchestra tuning, losing your faith, believing in clowns, progressive rock, swallowing glass, time travel, adding distortion to a whales song, adding delay to a birds song, teeth on rocks, hands in the air, eyes on the sun, and worshiping the all entropic deity our divine black hole. In the name of Steven Hawking, Carl Sagan, and Issac Assimov amen.



Written By: Diver

you spread my legs over your lap and slapped my smile back upsidedown
i turned a new cheek ready for your shattered glass fists raining down

they are coming for us
we must not give in
dont give up, your banner
scream till you are heard again

they are coming for us

(cant remember ryans passionately screamed words)

searching passed the gaze of insignificance unenamored by the stunning eyes of beauties last disguise for feo cries at corpses hides his eyes but makes his twisted face a flag and fucks the hag infected scepter spewing strands of holy human halves into her wasted land so standing hes branded slapped open handed cast into a class and reprimanded for his lack of fashion but hes deeply learning gazing yearningly into the burning eye collecting shards of infection in fractaled reflections hes ingesting rejection ingesting rejection digesting rejection

Overt Operation

Written By: Diver

stay awake watch the twighlight melt into shadow

raise the cup
fill it up
the blood is on our hands now
and michael doesnt mind
retired the day that justice was blinded by the light

can you imagine the heat
layers peeled away

we will slip away
from your armored alter
tip toe one by one
through your legacy
carving out a name
in your twisted world
shattering the cornerstone of your pious prophecy

can you imagine the heat
layers peeled away
dusting our summer days with nuclear shadow

power hungry
forces beguile us
to open up our minds
to shadow intelligence
giving no relevance to truth
and so we spend our days in line
waiting for the perfect end

a shell

staple your cause to a construction paper cross burn up the loss and carve the question from a planets flesh. the response is nothing less than a billion voices screaming stop the madness

stop the madness
stop the entropy
raise your hands to the sky for a black hole deity

we will slip away from your armored alter

The Double Widow Waltz

Written By: Diver

there must be something else than this countryside and a fistfull of knives
he left them far behind he tied himself to a dying pine
he left them both behind he travels now with the lonesome pine

something to savour
a cradling whisper
it hung in the room
when no one was there

something to savour
no whisper no saviour
he hung from the tree
and no one was there

theres something peculiar happening here
i can only begin to describe
a fistfull of lies
a fable devised
to fill in a space and a time

there might be something else
im looking for it now


The Ophidian Current - 2002 Full Length release. For sale at http://cdbaby.com/cd/diver

Water and Wax - current demo.

Set List

Our setlist includes songs from our first release, our new demo, and some unrecorded songs. We have enough original material for a 100 minute set.

Overt Operation, ...With Love, Somnambulist, The Starfire Farce, Spanish Traveller, Double Widow Waltz, Feo, Polar Flexus, Mitochondria.