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Louisville, Kentucky, United States | SELF

Louisville, Kentucky, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Louisville Music News Review June 2011"

Introducing Diver Bird:In a very short time I've heard a few good things about this new three-piece band in our city, so I'm sitting here checking out the goods, a song called "Taste" and yes, it is tastefully charming! It's alternative rock with an upbeat swing to it. The choruses are groovin and the vocals work well with the music. The quality of the recording is very good, too. Finally, a good quality recording! The vocals remind me of Rahul Borkar, formerly of Nova Red, but better. Rahul had trouble re-creating his vocals live. I am digging the guitar sounds/tones of diver Bird. Not super heavy sounding but there is a classic sound issuing forth from this guitar rig. I'd like to know what kind of amp this is! I'm a guitar/amp nerd to the core, and a bit obsessed with guitar tone and the achieving of the perfect tone. "Part Of The Plan" starts out a bit punk rocky, and then turns into a funky thing with coolness and vibe. Energetic and rockin' is what it is

I like Jon Harrod's vocals, very cool. The guy can actually sing quite well. (I get so many CDs that have some poor schlep who couldn't sing his way out of a wet paper sack.) I bet Jon could sing some Zeppelin pretty darn well if he chose to! He has that high-pitched Robert Plant type sound on this song! This band is talented all around, and I'm grateful to be able to write about some awesome new bands that haven't joined the arrogant stampede as so many louevil bands have done. Frank Karaglanis manages Diver Bird. He always seems to find some darn good bands and bands that do appreciate exposure and a helping hand.

They wrote a song about me: "Old And Angry" is a slower lighter tune that turns energetic. This music is odd, but alluring. This not my personal style of music, but these guys definitely have their own sound going on, like nothing going on in town. Great songwriting and vocals. If they can get out of this small town and get this heard, something good should happen for them.

"Want A War" is my favorite so far. These vocals are sweet. This is their heavier song as well. It has a chunky rock sound that ends up doing a lot of things in between. Some scratching, some rockin, some bluesy rockabilly, some alternative. Nice changes and vocal melodies! Diver Bird mixes it up well with no interruptions in the music's flow. I'm pretty impressed. The vocals during the chorus on this one are addicting. I found myself restarting this tune a few times! Never mind what I said about Jon sounding like Rahul, Jon kills him on vocals, hands down.

I can see this band doing well, and people getting into them bigtime. I'm looking forward to seeing this new band in action very soon, so I booked them for my July 1 Original Rock Showcase at PHT. That would be something to see. If he can pull it off live, he has my vote for one of Louevil's premier vocalists. We have something special here people, a three-piece that sounds like a five-piece! So when you hear the name Diver Bird, come running, because these new guys have something going on here, and it needs to be heard. Good job finding these guys, Frank!

-Eddy Metal

- Louisville Music News

"Diverbird "Taste" review"

Bandsoup.com review, April 25th, 2011

Listen To: Diverbird- Taste

Despite forming only one year ago to date, Lousiville, Kentucky trio Diverbird sound like they were aged in new, charred oak barrels for years like a vintage bluegrass bourbon.

In the band's lead single, Taste, from their upcoming debut album, Common Thread (April 30th), lead singer Jon Harrod takes flight over a hard hitting track driven by Donnie Arbuckle's reckless drumming and a captivating arrangement of inspiring guitars and unique transitions. This mash of accessible 90's alternative and modern indie rock will bring numerous generations of music fans together. If you don't believe me, you can check out the rest of their debut album that is streaming on their website.

The first "taste" of Diverbird hit me like a jigger of decade aged whiskey: smooth and glowing with a slight, welcoming burn that quickly warms up the brain. So, before the rest of the town hears about this emerging band from Louisville and clears out the stock--

Bartender, I'll have another.

-Ryan Monk

- Bandsoup.com


Diverbird-Self titled album, to be release October 2012



Jon Harrod has been writing songs since age 16. Self taught, Jon has combined his love of 60's and 70's rock with his passion for classical music and also indie rock, metal, pop and bluegrass and created a unique sound. Writing songs filled with emotion and passion, Jon founded Diverbird with drummer Donnie Arbuckle and bass player Harley Wiseman in May 2010, and the chemistry between the three players was immediate.

Diverbird is currently building a following in the Mid West, and with their debut album ready to be released the band is poised to break through to the next level in the coming year.

The upcoming album can be sampled at http://diverbird.wordpress.com