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The collective project DIVERJE, whose headliner is Tommy T. (from DSBP records), comes with his new album entitled "the distortion chamber". Much more aggressive than it^Òs predecessor "amphibians", the new effort from DIVERJE offers a very corrosive form of electronic music which yells all the perversions that brings our contemporary Western society. The sixteen songs from this new album hurl the listener through as much collaborations with bands like E.S.R., LEXINCRYPT, THE MERCY CAGE, BOUNDLESS and IMPLANT, to name a few. Strong from these collaborations, the album brings a diverse and eclectic, yet homogenous approch and sounds^Å And, one day or another, everyone will be needing a distortion chamber to keep his mind and spirit sane from the everyday^Òs alienation!

reviewed by Pierre Pinsonnault (ELECTRO-CHOCS)

- Pierre P.(CFOU radio)

""this is Corrosion" Zine"

The Distortion Chamber, vol. 1 is the sixth full-length release from Tommy T., creative force behind Diverje and owner of the label DSBP. On this album, we hear Tommy's harsh vocals and poignant lyrics, backed by a plethora of styles, due to the collaboration with members of many different bands: E.S.R., Implant, The Mercy Cage, Boundless, Lexincrypt, Symbiont, Babel-17, iammynewt, TYPE001, and Auspex.

The key to this album is to open up the insert and read the lyrics. Tommy has some very interesting thoughts that should be read to be appreciated. You certainly can't complain about insightful lyrics, and on top of that, you get great music to back them.

The album starts off with "Enough to Destroy", a straightforward electro-industrial song, with lightly distorted vocals. "The Distortion Chamber", the second track, speaks to the pathetic "commercial" music industry and points out that there is good music, but you must search for it, in this case, in the Distortion Chamber.

"Test Samples" is an odd mix of samples (appropriate for the song title), techno-styled layers (thanks to Implant's influence), and Tommy once again bringing us an interesting message. I believe the main sample is from the stand-up comedian Andrew "Dice" Clay, known for his crude humor, seems quite in place with the message of the song.

"Individual" is another electro-oriented song and my favorite on the album. From the lips of Reverend Tommy, "I am an INDIVIDUAL" - you don't have to follow the crowd.

"I Walk Alone" is a good electro anthem, followed by "No Time for Compromise", which kicks in a good amount of heavy guitar. The song's meaning: do your own thing, not what you are told you must do. Tommy seems to be quite an individualist.

Now we take an aside into both humor and at the same time scary (in concept) songs. The 8th track's title, "Stupid People Shouldn't Breed" pretty much sums up the song. I can think of several people who should listen to this track. "Mirage" continues the humor in its portrayal of certain "entertainment", ("[insert country name here] Idol" perhaps?). I too wonder why people are so desperate to become the pawns of the mega-entertainment corporations. Haven't we all learned our lessons from the boy bands of yester-year?

"Time is the Enemy" slows the tempo down, with smooth synth lines. The message this time around is work is a necessary evil to get the money; money we need to enjoy the rest of our lives.

In "The Decline of the CD Generation", Tommy clearly states his opinion of music "sharing" through this simple tune. There are many excuses for stealing, but it is nonetheless stealing, and especially bad to do to the independent labels (like DSBP) that make up the core of our music genre.

"Overpopulation" gets back to some heavy guitar sounds, sprinkled with electronics, speaking of the overpopulation situation and why this may be. "Not in My Name", a fairly short track, though subtlely worded, speaks to the current U.S. "liberation" in succinct refrain.

"The Distortion Chamber, Vol. 1" certainly takes the listener through many thoughts and moods, helped along by various guest musicians. Tommy T. certainly has some definite thoughts about the music industry, personal freedom, and the world in general and is more than willing to share them with the listener.


- Legion


Staying true to form the latest offering from Diverje, "Distortion Chamber" gives us plenty of danceable tracks that will keep you dancing at the clubs. As well as featuring some darker tracks with a much harsher sound than we may have heard from them in previous discs. Lyrically this may be there most personal disc to date, tracks like "Decline of the Cd Generation" and "Stupid People Shouldnt Breed" give fans an insight into the what the band thinks about the state of the music industry and the world. Another track you should definitely take a listen to is "Test Samples", this track has some great lyrics and even better samples on it. If youre a true fan of electro music Distortion Chamber will be a welcome addition to you cd collection.

---Sameerah Blue

- Sameerah


Tommy T. has returned in 2005 with another Diverje opus, The Distortion Chamber Vol.1. Coming a long way from the humble beginnings of Electrodiums/The Passage in 1996, Tommy T. has outdone himself with a heavy EBM/industrial release that will surely gain Diverje much needed respect in the scene. The Distortion Chamber Vol.1 had an odd way of coming together, with most tracks having been contributed on or written by other artists for Tommy T. Acts such as E.S.R., Implant, Bio-Mechanical Degeneration, Lexencrypt, The Mercy Cage, and Type001 have all contributed music to Tommys tortured vocals, and the end result has produced a very worthy Diverje release.

Starting off with the track Enough to Destroy, Diverje mixes together a wide array of electronic beats and mellow backdrops with Tommys distinguishable voice. This track is followed by the title track, which is another welcomed romp with happy dance beats intermixed with industrial savvy. The track Test Samples follows up the title track, which consists of exactly what the song title suggests. Test Samples is an odd little song, mixing simple beats with some obscure samples that seem to have come from the twisted mind of Tommy T. himself. This track doesnt really make much sense, but its damn funny. Tommy samples himself saying some quirky things, and it all comes together very nicely.

Many fans of Diverje and other DSBP acts should be familiar with knowing that Tommy T. also runs the DSBP label, and about his passions for fighting against the illegal downloading craze. This crusade has appeared in true Diverje form on the song The Decline of the CD Generation. This song deals with the general consensus that if you can download it for free, then why buy the real thing? and is backed up with mellow, almost depressing synths. You can tell that Tommy T. is very much against the downloading trend, and this can be understood seeing as how he runs and operates his own record label, and has most likely taken a hit as far as CD sales are concerned due to illegal music-swapping.

As for the other tracks on The Distortion Chamber Vol.1, they all range from heavy EBM to mellow industrial jams with guitars interlaced in some of the tracks. The standout tracks are Enough to Destroy, Individual, and Overpopulation, the latter dealing with another big problem that the world is dealing with right now. Diverjes music has always dealt with world issues, and The Distortion Chamber Vol.1 is no different. This is a very solid release from Diverje. Each track is well produced and shows a wide array of electronic styling. The Distortion Chamber Vol.1 leaves the listener wondering how Tommy T. will top himself the next time around.

Reviewer - Evilmatt


from Edwin Soma
(cyberstructure Radio show)

- Evil Matt

""CYBER structure Radio""

from Edwin Soma
(cyberstructure Radio show)

Diverje -"the distortion chamber" Review
Ah yes, I was very pleased to throw this disc on and be taken in the various moods, and dramatic sequences, and the varied vocal approaches of mr. Tommy T.As I went through the first 2 songs (enough and destroy, and the distortion chamber) I hear a good old electronic/industrial dose of days past, the days I miss.Leather Strip, Spahn Ranch, Wumpscut, Psychopomps. Those bands seem to have influenced this work quite a bit.

Then "test samples" comes on, and this is all new sound for Diverje.Techno loops and weird samples with a comedian I can't quite place saying some funny things in general, I liked the humor and the vocals are powerful and have a scream to them, and doing it in their own way. "Individual" comes on next and this song is almost like trip hop cut up rhythms with really prominent lyrics and vocals that are a standout on this disc. Tommy collaborated with Len Lemeire of Implant, and Vince Pujol of Electro Synthetic Rebellion on these tracks and they are of rich flavor.

By the time I get to "I walk alone", I know this album is gonna spinning here often.This has a lot of catchy hooks and vocals and the music is just mind numbing! this emotional track it seems like here, and it works well with the rest.

Now on track #7 I hear something that surprises me and many EBM bands don't attempt anymore, and that means its a Guitar making its presence in this song, "no time for compromise".This song really rocks! it reminds me of KMFDM at their best, or Razed in Black but a bit angrier than he is. I like that Diverje can mix in guitars and it sounds "right" and it sounds like they actually did all the parts and didn't rely on Metallica guitar sample discs. They use this formula on a handful of really blistering tracks here.

The rest of the songs are very good too, "your pleasure" and "not in my name" standout for me, and "be human again" is a sort of spacey dark ballad.I must also mention "stupid people shouldn't breed" as this is a harsh and accurate statement made by the very ballsy Tommy T. I agree, "stupid people shouldn't breed".Our president might not ever have been born then, that would be something huh?

This album really covers alot of territory and makes many of these bands that people are so fascinated with these days, look pretty pale and boring.Personally I prefer this CD over that VNV Nation *yawn* stuff, and Suicide Commando clones abroad that club kids shit over. An album with various sound, tempo, vocal, effects and styles are a fresh breath of air for this Dj. Go buy this album and see what diverse electronic-industrial with a real message is all about.Truly angry stuff with a purpose and a mission. You will remember why you were brought into this music in the first place.

- Edwin Soma


via this link... http://www.virus-mag.com/index.php?a=1550

D I V E R J E -"the distortion chamber vol.1" (DSBP)

Albuquerques Diverje are entering the limelight with their 6th album, a journey through electric landscapes where you meet different ingredients and splinters from EBM, industrial, coldwave, and even techno.

The problem with records coming out of the electro industrial area these days imo is that most of them sound halfhearted. Like "ok, let's take some boom boom beats, put in some (voice) samples and distorted vocs and make it ready for the dancefloor". Melodies? Interesting background sounds? Diversity? Often missing. Diverje are not reinventing anything here, but after a listening session you really feel this record has been made with a bright attitude and loads of ideas. Mastered by Da5id Din (Din_fiv / Informtik) and including guests from E.S.R., Implant, The Mercy Cage, Lexincrypt, Boundless and Type001, the record predominantly holds a good amount of cookies with a pulsating rhythm and kickin' fragrance but also includes some relaxing moments. The clubby "Enough To Destroy" and "The Distortion Chamber" remind me of what you could hear in the clubs in the mid/end 90's era - aggressive dark electro with a melody you'd easily realize again. Mastermind Tommy T.'s distorted vocal work suits to this. The galloping "Test Samples" confronts you with a noteable crunchy noise spot throughout the track whilst the calmer "Individual" has a seducing, early Klinik & 80's fragrance included. Some industrial rock injections are given via the powerful "No Time To Compromise", "Overpopulation" with its incalculable rhythm explosions, and the tempo reduced, somehow thoughtful "Your Pleasure". "The Decline Of The CD Generation" is a more relaxt, minimalistic piece that says 'hi' to early Gary Numan's outcome and has some cleaner vocs to offer whilst "Stupid People Shouldn't Breed" with its voice samples and "Mirage" juggle with techno beats. Two weaker tracks, in my opinion. An interesting interaction is served by "Time Is Enemy" where the US crew is pending between a slow, trippy vers and an energetic, catchy chorus. Summarized said, "The Distortion Chamber" spreads a varied bouquet of songs and is worth a listen for electro heads.

Breda, 30 Jul 2005


- Breda

"DJ IZ ReViews...Rant Radio"



Diverje is back again, with another excellent progression in sound from the previous album, "Amphibian". In the spirit of it's collaborative nature,Tommy has joined up with artists from Electro Synthetic Rebellion, Implant, The Mercy Cage, Boundless, Symbiont, Lexincrypt, Babel-17, iammynewt, Type001, and Auspex to deliver us The Distortion Chamber. Moving in some great directions since the previous release, The Distortion Chamber blends electro industrial lines with a beat, and also heads back to Diverje's earlier metalish roots. The lyrics once again hit home at some of the biggest problems seen in the world today: from war, to file sharing, to rampant promiscuity and breeding, Diverje pulls no punches. One thing I respect about these lyrics is that they are VERY straight forward in their message.

Musically the collaborative artists bring their unique styles while keeping with that electro-industrial Diverje sound. Some may be surprised to hear more of that dance floor appeal on tracks like Enough To Destroy and Test Samples, which we really haven't seen since the On Skin era. Going back to older Diverje sounds are the driving guitars on tracks like No Time For Compromise and Overpopulation, which make me think of some of the first Diverje tracks I heard. There are some tracks that really stand out for me, especially Individual. This track is slower-paced compared to others, but packs a lot of emotion and is some of Tommy's vocals that I've heard. Be prepared for a few laughs as well, as some of the samples used are really hilarious.

Long-time fans of Diverje will adore this album, and anyone looking for some excellent electro-industrial should check this out. This album is masterfully done, well produced, and sounds amazing overall. Check out some of the best Diverje album art as well, courtesy of Davyd from Hive Design. Also of note is that this is volume 1... I'm excited to hear what volume 2 brings.

---LUKE RASMUSSEN (DJ IZ) (Stevens Point, WI., USA)


""NUTE review""

Diverje - The Distortion Chamber.


Hay bud, just written about my stand out tracks in no order, just my thoughts as I was listening to the album.

Enough to Destroy is a great opening track I first heard it on the Endziet Bunkertracks compilation, musically it is one of the darker sounding tracks on the album and instantly recognizable as Diverje.

The Distortion Chamber, has a great hook as soon as it starts, a nice fat bass line and lush pads, I really enjoy the break down, a nice punchy moog like bass and solid varied drums, I like the vocal processing on this track is just enough to make the words clear and in turn makes the tune catchy.

Your Pleasure, I really like the groove in this track, the flowing Arp sounds in this track are sharp and the leads really cut through, this is my favourite track on the album, it's the one I keep coming back to the most.

I Walk Alone, this is another grand tune with a slower tempo, it has the same appeal I get from Your Pleasure, and again the programming and the drums in this track are kicking!

Stupid People Shouldn't't Breed, I really like the lyrics in this track, and the title says it all, the samples are Hard Case and there is a good solid beats through out this track. I've got a few ideas for a remix for it too.

Time Is the Enemy, this is another stand out track for me, the programming and sound choice is cool, I like the rhythm changes through out the song and the bass line and lead line have a great feel.

The Decline of the CD Gen, Great words in this song! The music reminds me of Oghr good choice of sounds again.

Overpopulation, This Tracks Rocks!

Not in my Name! This is a good track to go out on, it's got a big sound and is really varied, the vocal processing in this track and the editing are great! I really really like this track!

It's definitely your best album yet I feel. I have been listening to it all day. I'm looking forward to cranking it out on the Studio Monitors at home, Get the earth moving!

---Andrew Lyon -N.U.T.E. (NEW ZEALAND)

- Andrew Lyon

"REGEN ZINE Amphibian review"

reviewed by Steven of REGEN MAG

Band: Diverje
Category: EBM
Album: Amphibian

DSBP Records mastermind Tommy T continues his own sonic journey through the creative process of music in his innovative and highly addictive band Diverje. His latest offering Amphibian is two discs of music (one of new material and another of remixes of the same material) that he describes as "antipop-elektro-industrial." Diverje's sound is a diverse one indeed, but for our purposes in this review I am going to refer to them as being EBM. This album is a thematic one that describes man's brutally competitive and uncaring side that is contrasted by the gentle nature of amphibians, most specifically frogs. Tommy's influence for this album is his own family of frogs that he houses in an indoor jungle. Bringing him peace and perspective as well as some very inventive and interesting samples, the frogs have done Diverje and Tommy T himself a great service. Fluid synths, distorted yet melodic vocals, commanding breakbeats and soothing frog samples are what you will find in this fourteen track opus. My favorites on this album include the title track "Amphibian," which has a bassline that demands I tap my feet to it and which lingers in my head (not unpleasantly) for hours after it is over. "Images," provides hyper drum beats that sound almost tribal in nature, a haunting synth soundscape and T's electro-tweaked vocals. "Red-Eyed" hits hard with quick synth chords and showcases T's more aggro side as the vocals are more forceful than previously heard on the album. A nice change up that doesn't sound out of place. The second disc does not break any new ground, but it does offer a perfect compliment to the first disc as you are given several interpretations of Diverje remixed. Highlights on this disc include a much more tranced-out dance version of "Images" done by Aghast View, a synthesizer doused bassfest rendition of "In2The trap" by E.S.R. and a slowed yet still danceable version of "Amphibian" by Croc Shop. Amphibian is a very powerful album in that the music is enjoyable and the lyrics are poignant. The production is fantastic and the album is a treasure trove of ingenious sounds not tried before. This album breaks new ground for not only the sub-genre of EBM, but for the genre of Industrial as a whole. Go and get it, it is probably one of the cheapest new two disc releases that you can buy, so you have no excuse for not checking this one out!

- Nick @ Regen zine


1996 DSBP#1004 Electrodiums / The Passage (CD)
1998 DSBP#1019 Existence / Program Remix (CD)
2000 DSBP#1030 On Skin (CD)
2001 DSBP#1034 Stimulate EP (EP)
2002 DSBP#1043 2:40AM (2CD)
2003 DSBP#1060 Amphibian (2CD)
2005 DSBP#1071 The Distortion Chamber vol.1(CD)



Started by TOMMY T. in 1996....the band started as a metal/industrial hybrid and has mutated in a few ways since.Becoming more of a solid unit in 2000 with the album "On Skin" and bringing in a more EBM, club friendly sound with harder industrial, dark electro and noise influences as well. "on skin" and "regret" as well as "disconnect"CONVERTER mix, and "to hell" remixed by RAZED IN BLACK became big hits for DIVERJE in the clubs, and helped build a solid following.
2002 seen the remix double album of "2:40 AM" released, and this one brought in some very diverse and cool new mixes of "on skin" tracks, older tracks and some odd new stuff as well...including a DEVO cover!
In 2003 "Amphibian" is released as a double cd set including a remix disc of the new tracks by some of the top underground electro-industrial artists like E.S.R., SYSTEM SYN, AGHAST VIEW,THE MERCY CAGE, CROC SHOP, etc...
The first disc is a concept album strung together by industrial FROGS!! the sounds of frogs are captured here for an intresting continuous flow of electronics and nature sounds...more frogs than you can ever imagine.
This is a very tripped out album with lots of politically, and emotionally charged lyrics criticizing the society we live in...and great electronic diversity and dance floor anthems like "stronger", "images", "amphibian", and "in2 the trap",and "red eyed"...among others...
In the spring of 2004 DIVERJE vs. SOUL CIRCUIT-"stronger" was released... Yhis featured 8 awesome remixes of "stronger" highlighted by ENDIF, THE GOD PROJECT, and HEADACHE,...and it also had 8 more tracks from DIVERJE and SOUL CIRCUIT.This was a limited edition with very few copies remaining...
These last 3 albums have done well for us, and we thank all of our listeners and supporters who keep us going.you are inspiring for us. The new album is set to be released in 2005...."The Distortion Chamber" is a harder and more aggressive album and contains some guitars as well as dancier electro-industrial anthems with even more conviction and anger... "enough to destroy" is the lead track and will be featured on the new 4 cd compilation set from ALFA MATRIX...."ENDZEIT-BUNKER TRACKS" this spring..and you will also hear tracks like ""your pleasure", "no time for compromise", "the distortion chamber","I Walk Alone","stupid people shouldn't breed","test samples","individual",", Be Human again", "not in my name", and much more...this album will rock you!!Our best one to date for sure...JUNE 27th we'll have them in!! please spread the word to your friends...keep in touch....greets, thanks!
Tommy T., founder of the label DSBP, is back with another album from his main artistic outlet, Diverje. As usual, eclecticism is the watchword, and the tracks on this album range from atmospheric EBM to darkly funky electro and even a touch of industrial metal. Traditionalists will enjoy the dance floor assault and rhythmic complexity of such tracks as "The Distortion Chamber" and the richly textured "I Walk Alone," and "Individual" throws in a hint of hardcore punk-styled vocals along with a synthesized organ line that weaves between hard-hitting electro beats. "Time Is The Enemy" and "Be Human Again" are more subdued but more evocative, with trippy, faintly middle-eastern influences and futuristic vocal effects, respectively, while"No Time For Compromise" and "Overpopulation" are unabashed industrial metal, power chords and all.
Despite a nearly unparalleled mastery of the genre, T. seems to take things less seriously than many of his peers in the EBM scene, and a sense of black comedy pervades tracks like "Stupid People Shouldn't Breed" or the humorously obscene comedy routines sampled on "Test Samples." It makes for an album that's brilliantly crafted but lacking in snobbishness, and like the artist's recent In-FUSED side project, demonstrates an unabashed love for dark electronics that's absolutely infectious. This is EBM for the true faithful, and far more substantial than any collection of generic club hits.