San Marcos, California, USA

Diversifyd is not only the band’s name but is a perfect description of their unique sound. Diversifyd offers feel good music incorporating the sound of jazz, reggae, rock, soul and rhythm & blues. We're quickly becoming known for our ability to blend intricate harmonies.


Diversifyd is…

feel good music incorporating the sound of Reggae, Jazz, Rock, Soul and Rhythm & Blues. After listening to this unbelievable CD you will no doubt play it over and over again. You’ll be rockin’ steady all night long!

"We're trying to say that you can be unique," quote Diversifyd. "That you can be catchy without being corny,
poppy without being pop, and you can be uplifting without preaching. We want to be a reaction to all emotions."

Chad Makihele, who wrote most of the lyrics and arranged the tracks, plays bass/rhythm guitar and produced the album. Grew up with a background of music ranging from reggae, rock, pop to alternative music. Lieni Makihele arranged most of the vocals and has a background of music from pop, jazz and rhythm & blues. John
Naki plays the drums and also arranged songs on the album. He grew up with island music, choir and oldies. Sione Malimali plays the percussions and has music background in roots reggae and was also a member of the 90’s reggae group called “Mission Irie” where he was known as “Baby Rasta”. Marcus Snapp who plays the lead
guitar, has his background in funk, neo soul, rock and alternative music. Finally we have Jelani Jones who plays the keyboard and has toured with "The Bonedaddys" as well as Jai Vatuk who also plays the keyboard has toured with the world known band "The Enlglish Beat". Mike Mays plays the saxophone and Steve White plays the trumpet. Our newest member, Flo Tintiangco has joined us to enhance our vocals.

This group was finally put together in 2008-09 after going through different band members and performing with different bands for over 8yrs, now coming together with this new feel good music as they call it “Jazzy Reggae with a hint of R&B”


Album: Emotional Rollercoast
Year: 2009
Label: Independent


Silly Love
It Could Be Worse
I'll Never Love Again
Time To Rise
Dance With Me
Champagne Craving
War Of Faith
He's Good
Emotional Rollercoaster

Set List

We usually do two sets of 45mins. Our covers are usually a mix of funk and R&B