BandRockClassic Rock

The passion and devotion for creating and performing original music is what brings us together. We love to rock out, live, onstage ,or in the studio. We are united in being part of someting greater then ourselves.


I can not remember a time when I did not hear words and music playing in my head. It continues to this day. Thus far, music has led me down every path I was meant to follow, from one original band onto the next. Seriously I would not be sitting where I am at this very moment. My dedication and desire to write, record & perform original music has been quite a journey. Something I am grateful for everyday. Music is ancient and magical; it means something different to everyone. In my personal opinion; players & listeners alike; we are part of something greater then us; with a majority that realizes there is no need to be rich and famous. It’s all about the process of making and sharing music. Capturing the spirit of creativity and letting each song speak for itself.
Remember creativity is a gift not a privilege…

Keep Rockin! Kim

Set List

1. Older wiser
2. Ten times over
3. Almost had me
4. Hurt again
5. Shades of blue
6. Livin for the moment
7. After the shadows
8.This day comes
9.Easier said than done
10.Stranger things