Divide By 3

Divide By 3

 Highland Mills, New York, USA

We are a punk rock band from new york and we have just began writing our own music. We are going to be working on recording a demo soon. We are looking for any show available because we are just looking to play.


We are a rock band from Orange County, New York, and we are beginning to play shows. We are mostly a cover band as of right now but we are working on getting some of our own songs together. We will be posting dates of our upcoming shows soon. So check out our site for shows near you and we hope to see you at one soon.

Justin and Greg began their band together at ages 5 and 6. They didn't write any songs or know how to play instruments but always dreamed of playing at big shows and arenas. At the time, they were called Recess. Later Justin and Greg decided to add instruments. Greg began guitar at age 5. At age 12 Justin began drums. In Middle School they met a bassist and singer, but didn't get anywhere with them because the bassist later quit several times and the singer rarely showed up for practice. After many singers and bassists we are still looking for a singer and we found Josh who decided to play bass for us.

Set List

We are still working on our set so email us at Divideby3@yahoo.com or find us on myspace or facebook and message us if you want to see our songs we are covering or we wrote.
We mostly play songs by Blink 182, All Time Low and other bands