Divided By Design
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Divided By Design

San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock




"Divided By Design"

Divided By Design has the sharp edged sound of Alternative Rock in its purest, unfiltered form. Like Stone Temple Pilots in the 90's, Divided By Design perfectly bridges the gap between the blaring raw Nirvana and the sensible radio ready rhythms of Pearl Jam. The blend is highly effective, as we hear on 'Shots Fired' a take no prisoners approach that proves you don't have to be a 4th place contestant on American Idol to have a viable radio presence as a rock artist. - Future Starz United

"LIVE MUSIC: R&B, indie, world music and J Boog"

Divided by Design may fall under the modern tag “indie,” but its explosive sound predates that genre by several decades. Mixing bluesy rock with post punk ambience, and deep reverb, the quartet’s tunes are the perfect soundtrack to a Saturday night.

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"Divided By Design"

Divide by Design is a alternative rock (think 90’s), band from San Diego. I came across them this past week and found myself forming a fondness for them. I would say that what I like most about them is that they sound as if they are actually a band, not a one man act (as so many so called “bands,” are now days). Their music is intensely emotional, which they make clear through their melodies as well as lyrics. My favorite song of theirs is most likely, “Tummy Pencils,” (pretty cool title).

Check out their website http://www.dividedbydesign.com/index.html, where you can read their lyrics, listen to their music, and check out their awesome videos and photos.
- All That Indie Noise


Mars EP - available for streaming at dividedbydesign.bandcamp.com



Divided By Design is a 4-piece alternative rock band from San Diego, California.

Featuring a lineup of vocalist Jeffrey Jackson, bassist Eric Raether, guitarist Brian Raether and drummer Tim Lesh, the band was born from an influence of intertwined roots in alternative and experimental rock, grunge and alternative metal.

Serving time in other musical projects (Jeffrey Jackson - Emotion Sickness, Behind Space; Tim Lesh - The Kobbs, Museum, Metal Mariachis, Led Pencil; Eric Raether – The Kobbs, Plug; Brian Raether – The Kobbs, Redamber Green), the four band members converged in 2010 to form a sound that delivers a spike of raw emotion driven by lyrical inspiration and personal evolution, melodic guitar phrasing, heart-thumping bass, and aggressive, stylistic percussion.

The band's first demo recordings (September, 2010) were completed in a live, short-take practice setting in their rehearsal room in San Diego and included songs such as "Ashes to Dust", "Tunnel Vision" and "Tummy Pencils".

In October 2011 the band released "Mars", their first self produced EP in a series of four releases that will be recorded and released over the course of the next 8 months.