Divided By Eli

Divided By Eli



Ryan and Curtis were two twin brothers, looking to get a band together in Las Vegas, NV. They met Matt at the mall, where he was working in a retail clothing store. After talking the boys realized they were from the same part of Northern California. Ryan and Curtis lived on one side of town, and Matt lived on the other. The main street in Petaluma, CA was called Ely. So quite literally, they were divided by Ely. Matt brought in Brad to handle lead guitar duites, and they wrote some songs. Jason answered an ad online, and Divided By Eli was born.

The goal is to write songs that rock, and make people have a good, time, and also feel something.

"Divided By Eli is one of the cutest bands I've seen in a while, plus they have tremendously catchy songs. The five of them also look like they are having so much fun playing you can't help but dig them." - Poison Ivy, Sin City Sounds www.sincitycounds.com

Set List

35 minute set:

Won't Die Young
Falling Backward
Nautical Changes
Never Go