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Divided By Friday @ The Brewery

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Divided By Friday @ John Blue Festival

Laurinburg, North Carolina, USA

Laurinburg, North Carolina, USA

Divided By Friday @ Pate Stadium

Laurinburg, North Carolina, USA

Laurinburg, North Carolina, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Band: Divided By Friday
Title: Holy Nights and Snowball Fights
Label: Independent
Release Date: 11/17/09

Merry Christmas To All
My White Elephant
White Christmas (Let It Snow)
Angels With Dirty Faces
Oh, Holy Night
Walking In The Air
To All A Good Night
Divided By Friday is a pop/punk band out of Laurinburg, North Carolina. This EP is a follow up to their Too Legit EP that released earlier this year. They are a very creative band and contain elements similar to Philmont. I’ve been looking for some good Christmas music this year and I have to admit this was very creative compared to lots of the same old.

The EP starts off with the intro “Merry Christmas To All” and starts off with happy ringing bells. It then breaks into a medley of clips from many Christmas movies (Charlie Brown, A Christmas Story, Elf) which really captures the Christmas theme. “My White Elephant” is a new original song, one of the three originals on the EP. It talk about all that they want for Christmas is their heart back, obviously reminiscing over a broken relationship.

“White Christmas (Let It Snow)” starts off with the classic “White Christmas” playing. It then turns into a pop/punk version of the song. About halfway through the song, it then changes to a more acoustic version of “Let It Snow”. The next song is a lot more mellow and is called “Angels With Dirty Faces” . The originals prove to be great on the EP and turn into instant Christmas hits. It’s great when an indie band can be amazingly creative and not just play the same old Christmas songs.

“Oh, Holy Night” starts off as a slower song but then turns into a slower rocker which still contains the songs momentum. The biggest surprise probably on the EP is the not as well known song “Walking In The Air”. It is mainly composed of strings and piano. A very interesting addition to the EP. The last song, the most mellow off the EP, “To All A Good Night” basically explains how we get so obsessed with presents, Santa and all the so called “Christmas spirit” and how we need to remember the Christ in Christmas. A great song, which turns out to really dismantle our Christmas stress and shopping. We really just need to remember that Christmas is celebrated for the birth of Jesus and not all about Santa Clause and presents.


Divided By Friday has possibly released some of the best Christmas music I’ve ever heard, blending more mellow songs with pop/punk. It even includes what Christmas should really be about! These guys are very talented and have a big future ahead of them! Please check this out, it is worth every penny! - Indie Vision Music


"Holy Nights and Snowball Fights" (November 17, 2009)
"Too Legit" EP (February 3, 2009)
"Maybe in a Memory" EP (March 20, 2008)
"This Side Up" EP (June 7, 2006)
"Divided By Friday" (Self titled demo 2005)

some airplay on a variety of college radio stations



Not only is Divided By Friday’s style varied from the rest of the pop-rock pack, but it’s their musical maturity and attitude towards the industry that really sets them apart. Unlike most other bands, Divided By Friday’s sense of who and where they are is strong. Working hard from the ground floor up, they plan on selling themselves through their powerful music, not through flashy, lit up logos or other myspace garble. DBF may not have the regular myspace essentials for stardom, but what they do have is experience and unfettered creativity. These characteristics coupled with the motivation to succeed will be the driving force that pushes Divided By Friday to the top.

Mere high schoolers, Divided By Friday has spent their past four years writing and releasing four records, touring the eastern United States, locally playing on the Vans Warped Tour, and making a name for themselves with their intense live show. With their musical influences ranging anywhere from indie to progressive rock, every album is filled with moving guitar riffs, soothing keystrokes, refreshing bass fills, and precise drumming. Enveloping this musical force are the Christian-based lyrics to which almost anyone can relate. With plenty of touring plans ahead, be sure to check out Divided By Friday’s live show in a town near you, filled with passion and excitement for both long-time fans and first-time-listeners.