Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

A progressive rock three piece that don't pull punches. Think catchy hooks, creative riffs and mesmerising rhythms - it's music to nod your head to, charge a glass to and drive away to. Aggressive without being angry, it's nuanced, intelligent music you won't forget.


Dividers is the offspring of the hailed Sydney horn-rock band Bagster. Bagster were a pinnacle of the Australian punk scene having toured the country many times over, winning the prestigious Triple J Unearthed Competition, as well as sharing the stage with many touring international acts at festivals.

So when Bagster broke up, the meat and potatoes of the rhythmic section begun to workshop the material for what would eventually become the essential components of Dividers.

Dividers is a three piece powerhouse of catchy melodic hooks, progressive riffs and tenacious energy. With influences such as Faith No More, RX Bandits, and Bayside all the way through to Bad Religion, Oceansize and Karnivool, there is really no telling which direction a song will go in.

The band prides themselves on pushing their musicianship to the max as anyone present at their shows would agree.

With the imminent release of their debut EP, 'Rabid' sure to impress, Dividers are not to be missed at a venue near you.


Rabid EP