Dividing the Stone

Dividing the Stone

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Dividing the Stone is an exciting new Progressive Indie Rock band who weaves an electrifying tapestry of music and vocals. Everyone needs to have them on their play list.


Dividing the Stone was reborn in December 2009 and has been blowing away audiences ever since. Their unique sound is a culmination of the unrelenting guitar work of Garrett Gable and Ruvayne Weber, the mad skills of mad man Mike Palmore on bass, the world class percussion of Josh Applegate and the raw passionate vocals of singer/lyricist Gabriel Goolsby.
DTS' multifaceted music is not only a driving electric force but also offers a softer acoustic side as well.
Dividing the Stone is on the edge of the natural evolution of American rock.


Corporate Man

Written By: Dividing the Stone

Corporate Man

The world it seems is waiting
For an end to bring us peace
From all the lies we tell ourselves
And truths we don’t believe

To walk amongst the living
When all inside is void
The fire seems to cleanse you
But still you feel the burn

It’s hard to call this ignorance
The constant will to die
You see yourself in every wrong
And twisted glancing eye

Yet you still feel the same
There is no glimpse of shame
The only light I saw in you
Will not be seen again

How can someone seem so dead
Yet claim to have a soul
Claim their vicious downfall
Could have happened to us all

Still I feel no sympathy
Nor feelings of remorse
For the ones who stood above
And set us on this course

Though I’ll never meet you
I’ll never shake your hand
Your mark has had an impact
On everything I am

You are the stain I cannot wash away
The scar that never heals
The influence embedded in me
All throughout these many years

The corporation stamp
That brought us near and made you dear
To every household family
You soon would clutch in fear

Lie of Love

Written By: Dividing the Stone

The Lie of Love

Everywhere I go
In anyone I meet
I see the eyes of lust
I see constant defeat

So tell me what is love
Tell me what it’s worth
If all you do is throw it away
And cast it to the dirt

You claim you love the girl
Say you couldn’t live without her
Is that the reason why
You keep your heart a blur

And we say it all the time
We say it without thinking
We use the word with no regard
And keep its meaning hidden

So tell me is it love
Tell me what it’s worth
If all you do it throw it away
And cast it to the dirt

Don’t lie about it anymore
You never really cared
You lacked communication
Lust the only thing you shared

And you see no problem with it
No flaws within your soul
Well maybe that’s the only way
You can keep going back to her

So tell me what you love
Tell me what she’s worth
When all you do is throw her away
Surround her with your hurt

I don’t want excuses
I want no false examples
I want to hear some honesty
I need to hear the truth

You can’t keep up charades
You’ll only end up dying
Games are made for children
Adults just call it lying

So tell me is it lust
Tell me is it worth it
You’ve beat yourself into a hole
And now you’re there to stay

So tell her that you love her
Tell her she’s important
Then throw her to the dogs and say
There’s no such thing as lovers

The Rebellion

Written By: Dividing the Stone

The Rebellion

The time to kill has come
It’s left its scarring mark
The feeling of the feeding
Now let the dance begin

Seek comfort in the torture
The truth will come from pain
This life was never everlasting
We’ll see what they attain

Oh bring it to the fires
Burn the words of love
Let’s bleed in our rebellion
Let’s feed on all above

These lurking hidden armies
They’ve come to seek a test
The test of righteous dwelling
The safety of duress

The ghosts have come to warn
Though mouths of living scorn
They’ll bring themselves their grave
The imbeciles won’t save

The rebellion is nigh
The rebellion is nigh
The time has come to hide
They’re dead though seem alive

The blackened hearts will weave
The sickened story of life
The blurred morale will focus
It’s enemy a fortress

The fortress rose from time
It rose from all that’s right
There is no cruel clock chime
There’s only vibrant light

The feeding shall begin
The war it has now started
The death of all shall come
The hate can’t be discarded

The weak shall rise with power
The wicked hearts will crumble
The fight for life shall end
Where everything began

The time to choose has come
The final time is now
The world shall crush itself
Thoughts of life now die


Dividing The Stone EP
The Rebellion
Corporate Man
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