Divine Connection

Divine Connection

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Divine Connection is a husband and wife team that brings a unique style of urban gospel and gospel rap all in one package. With Tonetta J's Soultry voice and Lil Incognito's lyrical flow, they capture the attention of anyone listening.


Divine Connection is a husband and wife duo that are combining their two talents (rap and singing) and giving their listeners a sound that is absolutely phenomenom. Their first album is produced by Canton Jones, Big Ran and a host of others. They caught the attention of Canton Jones at the Holy Hip awards during the year of 2004. They have also made a name for themselves within Chicago and other adjacent communities. They have worked alot with the youth and different organizations. Incognito has spent some time in prison so he does everything possible to reach out to communities. Not only does this couple perform together, but they also produce and write together. God has joined them together for a specific time like this. It has definitely been a "Divine Connection."


Their first album is entitled "New Beginning"

Set List

New Beginning, Step, Showing Up Showing out