Divine Connection and Friends

Divine Connection and Friends

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Divine Connection and friends is comprised of different artists(groups) coming together for one common goal and that is to spread the gospel through music. They each come with different styles of music, which is the perfect ingredients for that Jesus Music.


Divine Connection and friends has come together for one purpose and that is to preach the gospel thru rap and R&P. Incognito of Divine Connection has been in the secular arena and performed with Ghetto Boys, Nas, Twister, Do or Die, Ice Cube, ect. Incognito got locked up during his teen years and found Jesus in prison. God miraculously released him from prison and that is when he met his other half, Tonetta J, of Divine Connection. They formed their duo after Canton Jones, who is the producer of their first album, suggested they put out a CD together. Incognito raps and Tonetta sings, which makes their music versatile. Incognito and Tonetta J were also listed in the "Beacon News" as "Amazing people." Divine Connection started their own record label and started working with other artists. That is when Divine Connection and friends was established. They brought along other groups such as the Trinity Brothers, Trinity Gurlz, and Revelation. Divine Connection and friends have performed all over the United States. They have also had their music played on the radio and TV. They won a 2008 "God's Choice Award" in Milwaukee, WI. Incognito has even gotten national attention for making a song for missing children. After years of working with the youth, they started a Holy Hip Hop church.

If you enjoy Divine Connection, you would also enjoy the Trinity Brothers, a group of teens who get it crunk for Christ, The Trinity Gurlz, which consist of teen girls and Revelation. Crunk Music? You can get that. Laid back music? You can get that. Soul music? You can get that, but it is all Christ. When one group is performing, they all show their support. They love traveling together and ministering to the unchurched.