BlessEd and the Divine Derelicts

BlessEd and the Divine Derelicts


A new world sound with some old school Reggae and Dub........


Deep in the center of the planet,lies Aghaarta,capital and home of BlessEd.Bringing forth messages of truth and hope from our ancestral forefathers who planted the seeds of humanity long ago.The bands members are widely influenced by the ethereal sounds above,and so below.Taking pieces of their experiences and likings from other earthly and terrestrial brothers.With a high energy show combined with a theatrical and visual aspect, the act becomes quite spiritual at times.

Set List

Satisfaction\ Puppet\ Profit Making Society\ Girl Why you do me that?\ Delilah\ Shame and Scandal in the Family\ The Earth Belongs to the Righteous\ We don't Dance like Couples no more\ Too Sexy for her Age\ Magnicent Jah\ Africa\ Sweat\Legalize it\ Exodus\ Dracula\ Legacy\ Rough and Rugged\ Sexual Explosion\ Isles of Patmos. Our showcase set can be as little as 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Or, on our own nights, we generally play three sets of about 45 minutes. We easily have three to four solid hours of music.