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Divine Elements

Los Angeles, California, United States | MAJOR

Los Angeles, California, United States | MAJOR
Band EDM Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Beatdown L.A."

Beatdown L.A took place at the Music Box
in Hollywood May 14. This show featured a number of
different acts composed of many different styles.
One of them being Divine Elements. Show started off at
a good pace and as soon as i entered the venue
the beats of drum and bass and dubstep dominated
my night. NOMAD played a live set which i really enjoyed,
got a chance to talk to the female vocalist and sax player
a little about there style of sound. Divine Elements, took
the stage at about midnight to a great
crowd. The sound was awesome! - Electrik Sanctum

"Introducing: Divine Elements"

We got a chance to speak with Devin Dilmore about how the Divine Elements crew got together. - Dogs on Acid

"Indie Music Video Festival"

ANNOUNCING the Lineup for IMVF2010.

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"Divine Elements Interview Podcast"

We're back in the studio with L.A.'s very own Divine Elements. A full band dedicated to showing the world what Drum and Bass is all about. Huge tunes, huge episode with some hilarious conversation and even some big news for you. - UA on the DL

"Divine Elements “Back In the Game”"

I had the opportunity to meet Divine Elements last Thursday @Respect while i was shooting Sinistarr. They gave me a copy of their new album “The Greater Unknown” and i have been bumping it ever since. The Album is FIRE and their music video for “Back In The Game” is LAVA! So hot that it is in the 9th Annual Independent Music Video Festival. I can’t wait to see these guys live. - Womp T.V.

"Redefining Drum & Bass Interview"

In the cutthroat world of Los Angeles drum and bass, it can be extremely difficult to make a name for yourself. So how did Concise and Ru, founders of drum and bass live act Divine Elements make an impact in the nations largest drum and bass market? For starters their involvement with the 818 and Grapevinez crews in LA has built them a solid network and position in the scene. But it wasnt until Divine Elements released a DVD and CD titled Defining Moment that they announced their arrival. There are literally hundreds of DJs, but how many live drum and bass acts can you name? Divine Elements hopes to bring something new to the drum and bass community by presenting an all encompassing mood, a vibe that transcends just one track or one sound but one that truly tells a story. Their music unfolds like the lost soundtrack to the Matrix, a futuristic opus that carries both emotional weight and dancefloor appeal. Centered in both the dark and the spiritual, Divine Elements hopes to open your ears to the cinematic quality of drum and bass, a fact that has been lost in favor of the next perfect beat. Urban-Breakbeat was able to get a word from this immense rising talent. - Urban Breakbeat

"Respect Last Night"

WHOLLY FUK!!!!! Top to bottom that is what I am talking about. Man seriously *real talk* i had seen bits and pieces of Divine Elements perform and Maximum Moves and heard their CDs and i was like "dope, some SoCal heads pushing themselves doing good music", but honestly yesterday i became one of both of these group's fans. These 2 groups fuckin' owned!!!! First up Divine Elements i was super sleeping on in terms of their live and i mean LIVE show. The set up, the DJ scratching, the beat boxing everything was TOP FUKKIN' NOTCH!!!!! From breaks to dnb, from the funky shit to hard shit, seriously that shit was ill. Next Maximum Moves came on and man this is one of the best DJ/MC/a DJ MCn' duos hands down period!!! Dip is a crazy ass DJ!!!!!! Seriously man, i ain't no one special, but seriously u put on a gawddamn DJ "how to rock the fukkin' spot" clinic, i mean a CLINIC last nite. From the teases to the drops to hyping the crowd to the precise mixes and then the MCn'/singing all were the truth!!! And J-Tec holding it down properly on the mic man that shit was a thing of beauty. Amen to DJ/MC duos continually working and building with each other!!! Fuk is there a recording of this night??? And mucho props to Drone and Machete always holding it down and the one like Brace MC coming thru, boy is hyphy!!! Man last night was ape shit bananas. Junglist Platoon + DE + MM was the shit on paper but was even krazier in person!!!!! - Junglescene


Divine Elements - Kilimanjaro - Defining Moment LP - BEM 0001
Divine Elements - The Struggle (feat Southpaw) - Defining Moment LP - BEM 0001
Divine Elements - Something Stronger - Defining Moment LP - BEM 0001
Divine Elements - Lobotomy - Defining Moment LP - BEM 0001
Divine Elements - The Space Between - Defining Moment LP - BEM 0001
Divine Elements - Requiem - Defining Moment LP - BEM 0001
Divine Elements - Sarin - Defining Moment LP - BEM 0001
Divine Elements - Kombat - Defining Moment LP - BEM 0001
Divine Elements - To The East - Defining Moment LP - BEM 0001
Divine Elements - Defining Moment - Defining Moment LP - BEM 0001
Divine Elements - Haven - Defining Moment LP - BEM 0001
Divine Elements - What You Want (feat Kief Life) - Defining Moment LP - BEM 0001
Divine Elements - Bloody Sunday - The Greater Unknown LP - SIMP 009LP
Divine Elements - Everlasting - The Greater Unknown LP - SIMP 009LP
Divine Elements - Groove Tower - The Greater Unknown LP - SIMP 009LP
Divine Elements - Heavyweight - The Greater Unknown LP - SIMP 009LP
Divine Elements - Judgement Day - The Greater Unknown LP - SIMP 009LP
Divine Elements - Lobotomy VIP - The Greater Unknown LP - SIMP 009LP
Divine Elements - Mortal Wound - The Greater Unknown LP - SIMP 009LP
Divine Elements - Psychosomatic - The Greater Unknown LP - SIMP 009LP
Divine Elements - Sound Of Night - The Greater Unknown LP - SIMP 009LP
Divine Elements - The Greater Unknown - The Greater Unknown LP - SIMP 009LP
Divine Elements - The Mark - The Greater Unknown LP - SIMP 009LP
Divine Elements - The Suffering - The Greater Unknown LP - SIMP 009LP
Divine Elements - Back in the Game - AM0055
Divine Elements - Keefer Southernland - BEM 0005
Divine Elements - Bogetbuger - BEM 0003
Total Science - Champion Sound - Divine Elements Rmx - AMO0057
BT - The Great Escape - Order 61/Divine Elements RMX - Nettwork
Rico & Scoop - Away Divine Elements RMX - LAD00043
Aaron Mostow - Anywhere - Divine Elements RMX - AP004
Divine Elements - What You Want - DigitalGravel./Temple Effectives
Olivia Newton John - Physical - Divine Elements RMX



Once inspired by such artists as Roni Size and Reprezent, Thievery Corporation, Daft Punk, Crystal Method, BT and Prodigy, Divine Elements set out on a mission to represent Drum and Bass and all other genres they encompass in a whole new light. Group founders Concise and Ru started the collective with the idea that they would introduce new "elements" as time went on; finding the right artists to join them on their mission of "giving the audience what they deserve out of an electronic performance." As time went on, they found just that.

Doppler, a well rounded producer out North Carolina, proved to be a proper fit in the group as he shared very common production tastes. His love for all styles of electronica was right in line with what Divine Elements was all about, “Variety.” Before Joining the group, he had an array of releases, some of which were topping the download charts on sites like Beatport.com. Other additions include the likes of Kris Jung; a beat- boxer/ producer (Black Cast) from Los Angeles and close friend who has guested at many performances in the past. His tongue twisting rhythms add a unique twist to an already unique live sound. The group has been known to perform live hip hop/drum and bass remixes of classics like Black Sabbath's "Crazy Train" with Kris, leaving the crowd begging for more. Also, fellow producer Brian Beckion, otherwise known as "Psionic" from Los Angeles, adds his own element of heavy metal guitar and rhythm. Psionic's screaming melodies have become somewhat of a signature “element” in DE’s music. Drummer Alex Rossen was added as an "Element" in mid 2008. His relentless percussion has earned him the rights of performing with the likes of esteemed producer Uberzone and has now equated him into being the backing force behind the teeming snares and pounding bass kicks of Divine Elements' live performance. Alex has also had his hand in production, guesting on such tracks as “Keifer Southernland”; A ripping breakbeat tune released on Big Eye Records in Spring of 2009. Fellow producer and DJ from the Los Angeles area, Southpaw joined the collective as their live scratch DJ and adds the classic West Coast Hip Hop vibe, which is a benchmark of DE's unique sound. Southpaw is featured on a variety of DE tracks including the remix of their neuro-tech banger "Lobotomy," from their first album "Defining Moment." The most recent addition to the collective was MC Dino, Adding the vocal fire and front man eeul that was neccessary to make the act come full circle and round off the lineup. Dino had previously gained stature as a solo artist through both his Urban Aborigine project and as a top MC in the American Drum and Bass scene. He has also produced tracks for some of America’s most prestigious talent in both the underground and mainstream music scenes.

As a collective, Divine Elements has gained recognition throughout the years, allowing them to perform at some of America’s top events. Having graced the lineups of such gatherings as History and Legendz, D.E. has shared the bill with the likes of such acclaimed artists as Prodigy, Pendulum, Hive, Gridlok, Invaderz, Nicky Blackmarket, Future Prophecies, Evol Intent, Dieselboy and many more. in 2006 they launched a stateside tour called “The Element Of Surprise” for their freshman album “Defining Moment,” which featured live performances all over America. In 2009, the group released their second album "The Greater Unknown" which had heads turning with a more mature sound. The album was a featured release on such well known websites as Drum and Bass Arena, Beatport, i tunes and many more, To this day they continue to rise in the charts as America’s up and coming electronic music artists.