Divine Invention

Divine Invention


Feel good, energetic rock music. That really comes to life when we play live. We all have a driving force and passion.


Hi, we are Divine Invention. We are a 3 piece Irish Wexford based rock band. We formed together around a year ago and have all been playing in bands individually for years before that. We love to play live that’s where our music really comes to life. Since we have been playing live we are creating a steady fan base which is great. Our music has been called a cross between Muse - U2, Punk meets classic rock. We have played a lot of support slots for some big bands and played around Europe also.


We have had songs played on the radio but none released.

Set List

We have a 2 hour set we play our own song and throw a few cover tunes in also. The likes of Hendrix Muse, Kinks, New Order