Divine Paiste

Divine Paiste


"Meanders of brash sounds flying into shards, a nebula of haemoglobin ringing the knell. When with the same breath the interlaced becomes an unconscious sect. Far from all reality, as we dictated, far from the existence of codes."

Next April, Release - Debut Album "Crystal Waves On A Frozen Lake"


After over 150 gigs which have seen them play with the likes of Ghinzu, Joy Formidable, and Gang of Four, Divine Paiste await the release of their first album in April, "Crystal Waves On A Frozen Lake".

This first album, similarly to the film, was written to follow a scenario with the lyrics and music thus accompanying it. This concept album will see the light of day as a medium-length film.

"When music intersects image to form a whole. The sound in the silence when the whole is night."


2006 - (Demo)
2007 - "STOP !" (Demo)
2008 - "Crash Light Button" (Demo)
2009 - "Unicorn" (EP)
2012 - "Divine Paiste" (EP)

2013 - April, Debut Album "Crystal Waves On A Frozen Lake"