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Divine is the harvest from God that will solve all of the world's hunger! They are the food that will nourish the spirits of those lost, desolate, and born again.


Stepping off of the greyhound bus onto the murky streets of Atlanta, Nathan “Nat-Man” Johnson of Divine Power finds a host of temptations to battle. But, this is a normal phenomenon for 1/2 of America’s premier Christian rap group - Divine Power. As Priest (Dorien Tennant), the second halve of Divine Power, pulls up to the curb in his beat down 96’ Ford Explorer, you can feel the energy rising. After the usual greetings (daps & hugs), Divine Power waste no time getting down to business. Immediately following a loud and powerful snippet from one of Bishop’s Eddie Long’s sermons, you are taken captive by a heavy bass snap track that demands it’s listener to, “Put your armor on - Now open up your sword - Throw ya’ crosses up - It’s time to praise the Lord.” Those are the lyrics from Divine Power’s #1 single, “Holy Dance”. The car explodes with the force of a roadside car bomb - It’s bananas! When it comes to the Christian music scene, Divine Power is no newcomer. After being delivered from a life of poverty, promiscuity, alcohol & drug abuse, and drug trafficking, They have chalked up 3 national and international radio hits, numerous promotional tours, and multitudes of tour dates. Yet, Divine Intervention comes from a completely different reference of mind than their previous efforts (Welcome to the Kingdom (2006) and Emancipation (2007). Accorfing to Priest, “We decided to get ferociously independent and make the record we needed to make and allow the chips to fall where they may. We approached this album with freedom, freedom of spirit, freedom of mind, and creative freedom. It’s God (Jesus) that we’re trying to honor and we can only do that with honesty and authenticity.” From the first beat of “The Return” the album’s official opener, to the last synth of “I Love You”, Divine Intervention delivers a colorful collection of ballads and triumphant anthems that will soar beyond the constraints of 2006’s well received, Welcome to the Kingdom. Long time fans will hear what they’ve always loved from Divine Power’s music: urban contemporary gospel, danceable, able to ride to, emotional, memorable, and songs that’s full of hope and truth. The difference is loud and clear. Produced by up and coming beat blazer, Todd Hadley, the album is soaked in integrity and edge and yet holds true to the spiritual approach that Divine Power is known for. When asked to describe the album, Priest giggles, “It’s The Passion of Christ.” We made a record that we would listen to and I’m sure we’re not alone. It appears they are right on both accounts. Through the grace of God, Divine Power have performed on stages that boasts of gospel greats such as, Canton Jones, Destiny Praise, Charles and Taylor, and Myron Butler and Levi. Divine Power is an elite gospel recording group and ministry with the ability to make a big mark on the gospel world. "God is opening up the door to the souls of millions of youths across the world, and we are accepting the call", says Priest. The sound that’s coming out of the group is dynamic because its contemporary gospel with the anointing of the Holy Spirit that lifts up the name of Jesus with an intent to deliver other young men and women that's still lost just like they were. Hallelujah! Currently, they are touring youth ministries, churches, conferences, schools, and record stores promoting their freshman album, Emancipation, as well as their "Welcome to the Kingdom" gospel mix-tape. Their sophomore release, "Divine Intervention", is scheduled for May / 2007. Keep a look out for it!

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Welcome to the Kingdom (Gospel Mixtape) - 2006
Christalized (Lp) - 2006
Divine Intervention (Lp) - Spring / 2007
Holy Dance (Single) - www.vegasallnetradio.com
92.1 FM (Griffin, Ga.)
90.1 FM (Guilford College, NC.)

Sky High (Single) - 90.1 FM(Guilford College, NC.)
The Return (Single) - 90.1 FM(Guilford College, NC.)

Set List

A typical set for Divine Power is between 15-45 minutes depending on the venue (Headlining artist vs. Featured act). However, Divine is able to perform shorter sets at the request of the vendor /promoter.

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Shirl Brown
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Divine Power Ministries
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