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"King I Divine & ScienZe – Enjoy Tonight"

You already know I’m a fan of the Brooklyn-reared ScienZe (as are some of the visitors of this site), so I’m going to assume his upcoming project with King I Divine, Divine ScienZe EP, will be welcomed with open arms when it drops March 13th. - Meka

"King I Divine x ScienZe, Sene, Blu - Happiness Is"

Last heard getting ready for an evening out on inaugural mixtape leak Enjoy Tonight, ScienZ continues in that cut’s positive vein on follow-up Happiness Is. Here, project collaborator King I Divine crafts a sampled beat to back the B.K. rhymesayer as he expresses just how grateful he is to be doing what he loves. Sene and Blu contribute guest verses, and Britain Parker tops it all off with an understated hook. Divine ScienZe has yet to receive a drop date, but fans can keep it locked for all the latest news and tunes. - richard

"King I Divine x ScienZe – Divine ScienZe [Free LP]"

King I Divine and ScienZe dropped one of the better songs I’ve heard in the last few weeks with “Happiness Is” featuring Blu and Sene. Now, the emcee producer duo come through with 11 more hard tracks on their 2DB presented free album, Divine ScienZe. Other features on the album include Maffew Ragazino, Quest, D. Julien, and more. Get the music after the jump. - Shamz

"King I Divine & ScienZe – Divine ScienZe (Album)"

Brooklyn emcee and (2)Dope mainstay ScienZe links up with Queens-bred producer King I Divine for this dopehouse-presented project, featruing the likes of Blu, Sene, Maffew Ragazino and more. Tracklist and link down bottom - Meka

"ScienZe x King I Divine "Hero""

Been waiting on this one for a while. One of my favorite songs off one of my favorite projects of the year just came to life a la Music Video. ScienZe is an incredibly inspiring rapper. The positivity he breathes onto tracks help paint the bigger pictures of life, forcing the listener to step back and really see through another perspective. The Brooklynite paired up with ATL producer King I Divine earlier this year to craft an album-quality mixtape in ‘Divine ScienZe’.

By far the hypest track on the project, Hero is all about getting out there and chasing your dreams while putting on for your origins. Brooklyn gets a crazy detailed lyrical description through the audio, and the video enhances the feel tenfold. Filtered visuals of New York really contribute to that boom-bap vibe. The word play on this track is bonkers, find me someone that dislikes it.

This project really is better than most albums that have come out in the last few years. The best part is that it’s FREE. Zero dollars. $5 less than a Subway footlong. Literally no money. A couple clicks is all it takes to enjoy this gift a project. So buy that sub and press play, guarantee it won’t be the first time you do.

Download ‘Divine ScienZe’ HERE. - Blair

"King I Divine x Scienze – Divine Scienze (free album review)"

Scienze has been on a roll. Ever since Hall Pass has dropped, I have been intrigued by his progression. He continued on with his Simply Aesthetic EP and his unsung When Skies Fall. Now, he continues on with a free album completely produced by King I Divine. Being called Divine Scienze, this album is just another piece of evidence demonstrating Scienze’s musical consistency.
For those in the know, Scienze is quickly becoming the king of the “positive jam”. “Enjoy Tonight” is a great example of what he is capable of. Transforming a moving sample, his lyrics are laced with references to life, love, and libations. “Hero” is another one of those songs that fit the mold. Even with “Hear My Vision”, the ears will notice the body moving pace that the positivity holds. Harking days of old, Scienze wants to move minds and possibly move butts.
The greatest compliment to Scienze’s lyrics is King I Divine’s production. “Can’t Describe” uses a vocal sample to keep this track moving under Scienze’s 3rd person storytelling. Also, the cosmic blips and synths on “High Ride” only enhance the singing and rhyming that occur. By the time the album makes it to “Peace”, the soul samples, chopped up breaks, and funky drum patterns have proven their purpose. Notably, King I Divine’s production was manufactured to enhance the pressing positivity of Scienze’s lyrics.
Divine Scienze does as expected. Anybody that is fans of either artist knows what to expect. With this collaboration, they delivered on that promise. The only possible way you don’t like the majority of this album is if you are not a fan of this type of music. Otherwise, just pop this in, grab a favorite drink and enjoy the experience. Nothing is more divine than the science of life itself. - Darcwonn


"Divine ScienZe" LP

First single: "Enjoy Tonight"

Second single: "Hero"



Born and bred in Brooklyn, ScienZe is a multi-dimensional emcee and
producer. With inspiration deriving from the organic, home-made aesthetic
that is prevalent in worldly independent music and film, ScienZe began
creating his own music. On the 2009 release of “The DOPEness, Vol.1” it
was evident ScienZe’s open-minded movement touched base on exploration
of love, loss and the importance of keeping a thirst for knowledge- garnering
faithful fans from his first appearance on the music scene.

His subsequent 2010 ‘Ode 2 Dilla’ EP was a tribute to the beloved, late
Hip Hop producer J Dilla, and was aptly followed by the thematic, highly
praised and widely received ‘Hall Pass’ album. ScienZe increasingly
became renowned for his energy, delivery, content and charisma, providing
thought-provoking lyricism with an inexplicably tight flow. Consistent and
musically coherent, ScienZe dropped the Simply Aesthetic EP – May 2011-
which contained the track behind the fan-favourite video ‘Song In A Glass’
and ‘Simply Aesthetic’. ScienZe’s performance collaborations have included
artists TiRoN & Ayomari, Recess, Sene, Fresh Daily in addition to recording
with acclaimed producers Ski Beatz and Blu.

December 2011, saw the arrival of ScienZe’s most accredited solo
album, ‘When Skies Fall’, home to the music behind a considerable amount
of his most well-known tracks and videos to date; ‘September’, ‘When Skies
Fall’, ‘Song Amnesia’ with DEF Jam Recording Artist Asher Roth and ‘No
Pressure’ produced by his soon-to-be musical cohort, King I Divine.

Introducing the producer in question, King I Divine, a fellow New York Native
by way of Queens, yet a current ATL resident, is a name synonymous firstly,
with MPC's, secondly with sounds of head-bopping Hip Hop, samples and

King I Divine, whilst uploading his beat tutorial videos, began producing in
2008, fuelled by a fresh love for Hip Hop, and early production influences
such as include RZA, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and the late J Dilla to name a
With a progressive, substantial web and worldwide following, King I Divine is
also the reputed mastermind behind the albums: the ‘Flipped: Jodeci Edition’
beat tape, the essentially Hip Hop heavy ‘Crown Jewelz 1, 2 and 3 series and
the atmospheric, New York-flavored ‘East 54th’ EP.

Collaborations have included artists such as D.Julien, Tito Lopez, ScienZe,
Boog Brown, Artifacts, JD Era, Torae, J Live, Blu, Sha Stimuli, E. Ness,
Rasheed Hadee. Known for unique live performances accompanied by the
APC 40, King I Divine stays equipped with a sound that honours a diverse
range from soul and jazz music to authentic boom-bap Hip Hop.

After a considerable amount of collaborative ideas and suggestions, ScienZe
and King I Divine created and communally released the hard-hitting,
hailed ‘Divine ScienZe’ hosted by 2 DopeBoyz (Released March 13th 2012).
After the success of the album's pioneering video 'Enjoy Tonight' surpassing
the 20,000 view mark, 'Hero', the New York ode, was uploaded, which

currently holds over 21,000 collective views for the official and viral version.
An endless bout of requests later, King I Divine released the 'Divine Scienze:
Instrumentals' on April 13th 2012, which gathered favorable blog interest and
over 18,000 downloads at present.
One of their most notable performances was at the indigenous SOB's
(Sounds Of Brazil nightclub, New York City, NY) June 13th 2012. Additional
upcoming appearances and performances are in the works.

Upholding their success to date, Divine ScienZe is the first instalment of many
joint creative endeavours to come.