We go for real trippy, high energy jams. Something that's entrancing, but also that people can dance to. Similar artists would be Particle, Pink Floyd, and Ozric Tentacles.


Divine is all about evolution, spirit, and awareness through music. Within the heart of each person there exists a spark of the divine; and our goal is to help people feel that spark and grow it into a beautiful fire.

The jam band scene has a lot to offer for everyone. There's a lot going on and everyone is apart of it; the performers and the crowd. And we absolutely focus on letting the experience of a great music festival like All Good to shine on in our music. The focus of Divine is to achieve high levels of energy and keep the party going!


Positive Conception
A Midnight Journey Into The Glory of the Morning
Cosmic Wisdom

Singles: "Serenity" (currently receiving air time on GMU college radio station)
"You're To Blame" -Earsauce featuring special guest Coren Smith of Divine (currently receiving air time on GMU college radio station)

Set List

Our sets can last any amount of time. Give us fifteen minutes and we will rock it. We have also been known to put on two hour sets; or two sets that each last an hour and a half. So however much time you are willing to grant us, we will play.
Right now we are taking a break from shows to focus on new material, which is why there are no tour dates listed on the calendar section.
Our goal is always to be on that All Good level, and we would be honored to make our first appearance at All Good in 2007.
We do cover Pink Floyd (Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Careful with that Axe, Eugene, Another Brick in the Wall, and Comfortably Numb).

Here is a recent set list that consists of mostly originals.

The One
Enter The Temple ~ into 'Devil's Slide' (Joe Satriani cover)
Mountain Peaks
Bass Solo
Seeing Sargosa
Sargosa Sea (Eugina cover)
Reggae Jam
Come On In The Waters Just Fine
Trance Jam
My Own Concerto