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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Pick of the Week"

For Divisible's first demos. - Filter Magazine


Divisible’s The Alchemy EP reminds us that, at any given time, our emotional state is an overlap of all the various, conflicting ideas that bounce around inside our heads. Like any good album, Alchemy taps into the fractured identities that somehow fit together to create who we are.

In fact, a first listen to Alchemy is a bit like pressing your ear against an adjoining wall, eavesdropping on someone else's psyche. Until that moment when a lyric or a chord invasively makes it personal and the series of moments begin to make sense on another level. Your level. That's where art becomes therapy – its persistence to the point where personal breakthroughs make the story, or stories, universal.

So then you listen to it again. And you realize that those monsters and that hospital fire are personal metaphors for moments that have sometimes made your life a blithering fucking mess. And that goddamn motel – you don't remember the real name of it anymore or if it was even a motel, but how do these guys know how to connect that melody to a memory that still gives you hangovers just thinking about it?
- Aaron Pompey at Mishmash Magazine


I suppose the nearest comparison would be Enya or Tori Amos, but there is a gravity to these vocals that neither of the two aforementioned artists have... - Neufutur

"LA Record"

Monday, April 16: It’s always satisfying to behold a lady who knows how to manhandle her guitar while classing up the sweat-stained altars of rock n’ roll. Divisible songwriter/guitarist/chanteuse/ghost in the machine Shola Akinshemoyin delivers this manna via her melodic, Pixies-ish axe wrangling for the endearing 3-piece. There’s a swampy yet crisp feeling to their music, often highlighted with galaxian touches of electronica that take one ear out to a soft, fuzzy planet while your other one crawls all over the smoldering guitar leads. Melancholia abounds but there is not a disconnect from an inner self in the songs here, thanks to Shola’s honeyed and meaningful vocals that ethereally dance with the loosely brilliant rhythm section of Jaysson & Albert. Brain and body can both be enlightened at a Divisible show – their smart, complex and catchy little melodies will float around in your cortex, whispering of vintage memories and heartfelt longing for weeks. They’re currently touring the West Coast so catch them while you can. And count your lucky indie stars if they play their searing version of David Bowie’s “Ashes To Ashes”. With The Slow Signal Fade & Circus Minor. FREE show at the Troubadour, 9081 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood. 9PM (tt)

- by Tiina Teal


The Alchemy EP, which had two airplay songs - "Fire in a Hospital" on Los Angeles station Indie 103.1, and "The First One to Leave" on various college stations.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Divisible has been an ever-changing entity since its birth in February 2004. Through several incarnations, however, one thing has remained constant: the strength of the band's emotional core. The music has always been moody, atmospheric, and accessible. With the current line-up (Shola on guitar/vocals, Albert on drums, Jaysson on bass), the band has a solid and promising history. After recording their first demo in the confines of their rehearsal room, it was apparent Divisible had developed their own sound. Bryan Cook (Gary Jules, Michael Andrews) agreed to mix the three songs and ready it for release. Drawing local attention by handing out their 3-song demo, Divisible garnered interest from local A&R website Buzzplay.com (featured band), Filter Magazine (pick of the week), and ABC Television. The band is currently working with Tommy Walter of Abandoned Pools and the Eels on a follow-up to their debut release, The Alchemy EP.