Female-fronted moody indie rock that is a cross between PJ Harvey and the Pixies.


Divisible has been an ever-changing entity since its birth in February 2004. Through several incarnations, however, one thing has remained constant: the strength of the band's emotional core. The music has always been moody, atmospheric, and accessible. With the current line-up (Shola on guitar/vocals, Albert on drums, Jaysson on bass), the band has a solid and promising history. After recording their first demo in the confines of their rehearsal room, it was apparent Divisible had developed their own sound. Bryan Cook (Gary Jules, Michael Andrews) agreed to mix the three songs and ready it for release. Drawing local attention by handing out their 3-song demo, Divisible garnered interest from local A&R website Buzzplay.com (featured band), Filter Magazine (pick of the week), and ABC Television. The band is currently working with Tommy Walter of Abandoned Pools and the Eels on a follow-up to their debut release, The Alchemy EP.


Starlite Motel

Written By: Divisible

we checked in to the starlite motel
i was ripe for you i knew the girl
oh yes it's all coming back to me now
we woke up in the starlite motel
under the covers you made up a girl
oh yes and i was perfect to you then

now those dreams have lost their color
i fell into colder water
remember when i was your lover
remember when i was your lover
could you keep me in your mind that way forever

we checked out of the starlite motel
fairy tale ended but you kept the girl
oh yes it's all painfully clear to me now


The Alchemy EP, which had two airplay songs - "Fire in a Hospital" on Los Angeles station Indie 103.1, and "The First One to Leave" on various college stations.

Set List

We play all originals, although we have been known to cover David Bowie, Radiohead, Morrissey, the Smiths, and Concrete Blonde. Our sets are usually about 35 minutes to keep our crowd wanting more, but we have enough material to play much longer if necessary. The set is usually very emotionally intense and sonically powerful.