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Division Day @ KCRW presents @ The Troubadour

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Division Day @ Silverlake Lounge

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Division Day @ 15th Street Studios

San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco, California, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


“With an interest in texture that seems as strong, if not stronger, than their ability to craft intelligent pop ballads, California’s Division Day use The Mean Way In to quietly add themselves to the growing list of indie-rock “it” bands that call the West Coast home.” - Splendid E-Zine

“I got to see Division Day live at the Edinburgh Castle [12-18-04]. They f-cking ruled! Spot on performances, great energy, great to watch, huge sound. I was concerned about what their live show would be like, after such an incredible recording, but they surpassed the recording” - Aaron Prellwitz. Engineer- Hella, Sun Kill Moon

“…they display an ability to layer diverse sounds that bring to mind Yo La Tengo’s ambitious yet lose-limbed approach to music…sure as hell beats a knockoff of the indie band du jour.” - Amplifier Magazine

“Division Day offers up a delicate edge and a new direction from much of what is out there today. They have created a lush sound that pushes them above the crowd…”

- Left Off The Dial

“Division Day’s music is moody, minimal, hypersensitive, and legendary among … (the) coffeehouse set. The band is relatively new to the underground rock circuit, but its satisfying style of honest, emotional indie rock leads one to believe it can eventually be forced to poke its head out of the shrouds of mystery and come clean…”

- AOL City Guide

“Division Day is certainly accomplished…the sparse and light feel of this EP comes through so well it almost shimmers…For those that wish for something lush and tight, dig in.”

- Delusions of Adequacy

“…full of intricate melodies and smart arrangements. Within the space of six songs, this band proves they can compete with the big boys.” (5 out of 6)

- Babysue


"Self-Titled" EP (4 songs, 2001, OLD Records)
"The Mean Way In" EP (6 songs, 2004, self released/limited edition available on Undetected Plagiarism)

Tracks from "The Mean Way In" have charted in the top ten for consecutive weeks at the following stations: WBRS-Brandeis-100.1FM; KSCU-Santa Clara U-103.3 FM; KSJS-SJSU-90.5 FM; and KSDB-Kansas State-91.9FM.

Other Division Day songs have received airplay on the following stations:

Indie 103.1-LA/OC-103.1FM
KALX-UC Berkeley-90.7FM
KAMP-U of AZ Tucson-1570AM
KAMU-Texas A&M-90.9FM
KUCI-UC Irvine-88.9 FM
KAZU-Monterery, CA-90.3FM
KCBL-Sacramento, CA-88.7FM
KCIA-Cal Arts-105.3FM
KCOU-U Missouri, Columbia-88.1FM
KCSC-CSU Chico-95.5FM
KCSU-Colorado State-90.5 FM
KDVS-UC Davis-90.3FM
KEXP-Seattle, WA-90.3FM
KFJC-Foothill College-89.7FM
KHSU-Humboldt State-90.5FM
KJHK-U Kansas Lawrence-90.7FM
KPFA-Berkeley, CA-94.1FM
KPSU-Portland State-1450AM
KSMC-St. Mary's College-89.5 FM
KSPC-Claremont Colleges-88.7FM
KSSU-Sac State-1580 AM
KSUH-CSU Hayward-880 AM
KSUN-Sonoma State-91.5FM
KTRU-U Texas Houston-91.7FM
KUSF-U of San Francisco-90.3 FM
KVCU-U Colorado Boulder-1190AM
KVMR-Nevada City, CA-89.5 FM
KVRX-U Texas Austin-91.7FM
KWUR-Washington U-90.3FM
KWVA-U of Oregon-88.1 FM
KXLU-LA underground-88.9FM
KZSU-Stanford-90.1 FM
UNLV Rebel Radio
WBFO-Buffalo, NY-88.7FM
WBGU-Bowling Green, OH-88.1FM
WCBN-U Mich. Ann Arbor-88.3FM
WCCR-Purdue-90.1 FM
WCFM-Williams College-91.9FM
WELH-Brown U-88.1FM
WERS-Emerson College-88.9FM
WGRE-DePauw U-91.5FM
WHPK-U of Chicago-88.5FM
WHUS-U Conn.-91.7FM
WIDB-So. Illinois U
WIUS-Indiana State U-1570AM
WKPS-U Penn-90.7FM
WMBC-U of Maryland BC
WMSR-Miami U of Ohio-89.1FM
WMUR-Marquette University
WPTS-U Pitt-92.1FM
WRAS-Georgia State-88.5FM
WREK-Georgia Tech-91.1FM
WRTC-Trinity College-89.3FM
WSBF-Clemson U-88.1FM
WTBU-Boston U-89.3FM, 640 AM
WTJU-U Virginia-91.1 FM
WUOG-U of Georgia, Athens-90.5FM
WUSC-U of South Carolina-90.5FM
WUVT-Virginia Tech-90.7FM
WVUD-U of Delaware-91.3FM
WWUH-U of Hartford-91.3FM
WXYC-UNC Chapel Hill-89.3FM
WZND-Illinois State-106.1 FM


Feeling a bit camera shy


In the summer of 2001, Division Day rented a house for the summer in the Santa Cruz woods without ever having played a note together as a foursome. They turned the master bedroom into a makeshift recording studio that would see the birth of their first EP.

Since then, they've toured up and down the West Coast, recorded at John Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone studio, and played an abundance of shows with bands such as Tristeza, Cass McCombs, Xiu Xiu, The Velvet Teen, McClusky, and Dredg. Their latest offering, a six-song EP called "The Mean Way In," was recorded by Alex Oana (NERD, Spymob, Kid Dakota) with assistance from Scott Solter (Spoon, Mountain Goats).

Things we like a lot that help us make the music we make (in no particular order):

Ducks, spray paint, fiber, Lungfish, chim-cham, crackerjack, Doves, King Tubby, Twin Peaks, Clarence Carter, Kool Keith, dark beer, Chinese markets, dogs, cats, Unwound, BARR, Jim O’Rourke, sweet potatoes, paper bags, friends, family, Mountain Goats, Watership Down, Sonic Youth, John Fahey, coffee, record shopping, Paru's vegetarian Indian food, Jesus and Mary Chain, Blonde Redhead, creatures, bones, bony creatures, Talisker, more ducks, spoons, knives, forks, jet boats, skateboards, Colin Greenwood's tone, the Boss, Zardoz, “Their Satanic Majesties Request”, field recordings, Deerhoof, Pavement, caeser salad, Q and not U, Drive Like Jehu, otters, flax, love, and beartrap island.

Match the lyrical darkness of a more imagistic Leonard Cohen with the furious drumming of Brendan Canty (Fugazi), the tasteful basslines of John Stirrat (Wilco), and the supple, atmospheric guitar shards of Nick McCabe (Verve) and you might come close to approximating the band's sound. It's been said that Division Day has a "loose-limbed" approach to music-making akin to that of the legendary Yo-La-Tengo, and indeed, when the four band members get together, the room overflows with a childlike energy and enthusiasm for the collective experience of music making and the exploration of sonic frontiers.

Truly, the band's reputation for debaucherous promiscuity is eclipsed only by their sordid and widely documented history of frenzied psychotropic drug abuse. In fact, Division Day came very close to releasing an egg as their second EP (to be titled, Egg). Thank you.