Div Kid

Div Kid

 Portland, Maine, USA

Div Kid is a high energy, melody driven rock band from Portland, Maine. If the Beatles had a baby with Green day, and that baby had a baby with The Foo Fighters, you have Div Kid. Known for extremely catchy hooks, and powerful guitar driven rock songs - Div Kid delivers an incredible live show.


The Band: Div Kid is one of Maine’s newest, pre-eminent rock bands. With its’ unique blend of pop and rock, few bands bring forth the type of songwriting that combines a well-polished sound, and a classic rock sensibility. Whatever the occasion, this band maintains a focus on widely applicable songs, as well as high-energy performances.

Ty Drown: The son of Maine rock legend JD Drown (The Blend), Ty has been surrounded by music his entire life, and has been playing and singing professionally for over ten years. He has toured from coast to coast and played some of the most famous rock clubs in our country including CBGB’s, The Whisky, The Viper Room, The House of Blues (L.A.), and Mama Kin to name a few. He has performed for crowds of thousands, and also claims to have mastered the art of self-satisfaction.

Matt Shardlow: According to the Portland Phoenix, “There aren't too many people who've been around and about the local scene more than Matt Shardlow over the past 15 years.” He has played over 1,400 shows in his career with several bands including musicians from acts such as Zion Train, State Radio, Beyonce, Dispatch, Lady Gaga and Rustic Overtones among others. Matt is generally considered the friendliest and most likable in the band.

Stefen Samuels: Stefen has also been playing in and around Portland professionally for over a decade. He has recorded with various artists and bands including Eldemur Krimm, Carll Wilkinson, Tom Snow, Talking About Commas, The Watermen and Pete Morse. He has been a favored employee at the Drum Shop in Portland as an instructor for nearly 10 years.


Pop Singer

Written By: Div Kid

I couldn’t help this if I tried
I paint them black then rub my eyes
I watch my life run down my face
And my salty eyes are all I taste

Pop singer it’s all because of you
That everybody makes it through another lonely day

I can’t fix this broken glass
These chemicals just help me laugh
But little pills won’t take away
All the things that make me gray


"Div Kid"- Self Titled - 2009
"Div Kid" - Colors - Fall of 2010

Album and tracks available for streaming and for purchase via MySpace, iTunes or CD Baby. Tracks from the debut album have been played on WCYY - Maine's number one rock station.

check out the video for "careless day" here...


Set List

Div Kid's focus is original rock.
Typical original set list can be 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

Div Kid also can provide three 45 minute sets of covers which range from The Beatles to more contemporary artists. Full set list of covers available upon request.