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Communities sing the renewal spirit of Israel
What is “Diwan”?
The Jews of Medieval Spain had a tradition. They would often meet outside the synagogue or house of study. Following prayer or a study session, they would fill
the gap between Lord’s work and secular activity by creating a special kind of culture, integrating in this spiritual quest their yearning for the “Shechina”
(the divine presence) and for the return to Zion.
These encounters in Spain, Egypt, Morocco and Yemen were called “Diwan”.
The rich culture of “Diwan”, composed of song and “Piyut” (sacred poetry & prose)
is a legacy that has a profound influence on the very soul, the creative activity
and the songwriting of the people of Israel until this day.
Women and men, young and old, even children –
all take part in the “Diwan”, singing and praying together.

What is “Diwan Project”?
“Diwan Project” is an ensemble that performs traditional music and song in a free contemporary Israeli style, using original instruments from the Jewish Diaspora.

“Diwan Project” is an encounter and not a performance.
“Diwan Project” is a revival of the sacred ancient tradition
of the Levites through “piyut” and prayer.
In “Diwan Project” the choir, the audience and the musicians become as one.

As opposed to a concert where the audience listens to the musicians and then applauds their performance, “Diwan Project” begins and ends every prayer-song in silence.
The journey, which lasts two hours, builds up with the audience’s participation, sharing in song and in common intent.
The melodies and lyrics arise from within the collective memory
of our Jewish Diaspora and our heritage spanning thousands of years.
The experience of “Diwan Project” inspires new generations of Jews to reconnect,
in a way that is both new and ancient, to the cherished treasures of the Jewish people.