Dixon, Sferes, & Shreve

Dixon, Sferes, & Shreve

BandPopAdult Contemporary

With air-tight harmonies and three smoking guitars these seasoned artists combine a full century of playing experience into high energy acoustic performances with an attitude. Trading center stage and intricate licks they wander through a field of genres including blues, rock, and ragtime.



These "boys" have each been playing and performing since their teens, and they have each earned a name for themselves as both solo and band artists. Among them they've performed at such venues as GuitarTown, A Prairie Home Companion, and The Tonight Show. Their combined resume is truly impressive and they've opened for and/or played with the likes of Pete Seeger, Zachary Richard, Blues Traveler, Rory Block, David Wilcox, Jimmy Buffet, John Denver, and Delbert McClinton. Though they've been playing together on and off since 2001 they've only recently decided to formally combine their talents and take it on the road.


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"Self-Titled" (2002)

Below is a list of the other albums they've released either as solos or members of other bands:

Moe Dixon: "Wind & Fire" (1997)
Moe Dixon: "Edge of the Hurricane" (1990)

Sferes & White: "The View From Here" (2005)
Acoustic Food Chain: "Self-Titled" (1996)
Borrowed Time: "Self-Titled" (1991)

Tommy Shreve Band: "Bon Ton Boogie" (1997)
Tommy Shreve Band: "Blue River" (1995)
Zachary Richard: "Zach's Bon Ton" (1992)
Zachary Richard: "Mardi Gras Mambo" (1990)
Zachary Richard: "Women in the Room" (1990)
Wayne Toups: "Wayne Toups! Zydecajun" (1990)
Rockin' Sidney: "Boogie, Blues, and Zydeco"
Leigh Harris: "Lil Queenie & Backtalk"
Red Beans & Rice Revue: "Wanna Dance"

Set List

The vast majority of Dixon, Sferes, & Shreve's set list consists of original material, but chances are when a request is made one of them (or all of them) will know it and have played it a couple hundred times. They can do a traditional hour-long set but often prefer to play straight through a performance.