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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Alternative Fusion Rock Saved My Life, March 6, 2004"

Reviewer: Ryan Harne

I've seen DIY live on two occasions. Their style is distinct and I appreciate their music.
I myself am of the very critical type when it comes to music. Although I keep my iTunes full of only the best stuff, I compose it of all musical genres, as long as it is good stuff ::emphasis on goood::. I must say, DIY has found a quaint home in my iTunes library. Even my iPod enjoys a round of their songs.
I recommend this band on the basis of their energy-induced tracks and ability to keep an audience on the same plane of excitement that their music suggests.
Check them out. No really...check them out.
- http://artist.amazon.com/diy

"You never know where you'll find good music, March 3, 2004"

Reviewer: "dabrink1"

First, in the interest of full disclosure, I went to school with the bassist. We had a few late night piano/cello jams. Hell, I'd even say he was a pretty decent guy. So ten years later, I discover his music on Amazon.com. And it turns out he's pretty darn funky.

I have 4 D.I.Y. tracks on my iTunes now. They represent a strange alchemy of funk, ska, and...country alt rock and bluegrass?? Try finding a "Genre" classification on your MP3 player for that one!

Whatever you call I it, I call it eminently listenable. Tight grooves set comfortably in the pocket. Sharp breaks and self-assured song structures, clean playing and loads of musical creativity. Sets the toes tapping and the head bobbing. Somehow I imagine these guys put on a fun live show (and I hope I get out east to see them one of these days).

D.I.Y. does it for me.

- http://artist.amazon.com/diy

"Great Song, May 13, 2004"

Reviewer: "1812a"

Do yourself a favor. Listen to any D.I.Y stuff that you can get your hands on. These guys are amazing. If you have found a band with this much talent, energy, and creativity, I would be shocked. This song ("Running from Police") is one of my personal favorites, and it's even better live. If you get a chance to see a show, do it. No, seriously, do it. Quit your job, leave dinner early, don't go over to grandmas house- do whatever it takes.

- http://artist.amazon.com/diy


Nine Screaming Fans Can't Be Wrong, DIY (2002)
After 9, DIY (2004) single
Running From Police, DIY (2004) single
Surfgrass, DIY (2004) single
Bust a Bass, DIY (2004) single


Feeling a bit camera shy


DIY was created in 2000 for one purpose: to blend intense musical creativity with high levels of energy and technicality. The group's intent, through its writing and performing, is to create a fun, upbeat atmosphere at every show while emphasizing the musicality and originality of the content.

DIY plays a variety of original music, as well as an array of covers by bands like AWB, Kool and the Gang, Cake, Tower of Power, Stevie Wonder, and more. The style, though hard to define, has been considered by many to be "retro-funk fusion" with a hint of some recognizable rock influence and even a bit of ska and jazz to keep it real. DIY is definitely the hottest live entertainment for your musical needs.

The DIY saga began at a job interview three and a half years ago. Ryan was an applicant for a position that John was hiring for and, although the two had never met before, they realized during the interview that they shared a common interest: creating and playing original music. John didn't hire Ryan, unfortunately, but they both came away with something much more rewarding. A pioneering start to what would fast become the best musical endeavor either of them have ever been a part of. The two ambitious musicians began to write and jam.

Soon after this, Roy, Ryan's father, joined the group, adding a new element to the sound that would become DIY's distinctive trademark style.

Over the course of the next two years and after going through a series of drummers and vocalists, DIY contacted Ira through a mutual friend and asked him to play. Ira, having recently left another local group, agreed to play with DIY, and came to lay the beat.

Chris later came to a practice with his saxophone in hand after his wife bribed Ryan to let him join the band…(DIY agrees that it was a well-earned 75 cents.)

The latest addition to the group and currently the youngest member, Sam, was recruited from a local high school on the basis of his outstanding musicianship. The group, as it stands today, has been together for just over a year. In this short period of time, however, DIY has made extensive progress breaking into the music scene, playing many local shows and gaining recognition from local concert-goers and musicians alike.