Diyet, an Aboriginal singer from the Canada's true north, blends infectious melodies with rockin world grooves. This Northern singer/songwriter captures the spirit of the North, the struggles of her people and hope for a world aching for some positive vibes. An inspirational and unforgetable show!


Based in Yukon, Canada, Diyet is from the Kluane First Nation. Singing came naturally to Diyet. With a grandma who was an opera singer and a father a performing musician, music was in the family and a vocal career was a natural progression for her.

Ably equipped with a degree in music from the University of Victoria, Diyet has been performing for the past fifteen years. She is a skilled songwriter with song placements in Japan, Canada and Europe.

In 2005, Diyet returned to Burwash Landing with a commitment to make lasting contributions to her First Nation through the heritage preservation work of her production company. She has become a leader in her community.

Diyet is influenced by her roots and ancestry and sees this as the inspiration for many of her songs. With a world view of aboriginal culture, she is focused on the greater human potential and has always been drawn to popular music as her vehicle.

February 2010 will see the release of Diyet’s debut album, The Breaking Point, recorded with Juno award winning producer Bob Hamilton of Old Crow Recording. Her music fits in the pop/rock/world genres with songs that are memorable, filled with positive vibes, and hopeful themes. “My upcoming album was written in my village and is heavily influenced by the wide spectrum of emotions and happenings that come to the forefront of rural first nation communities, but the message is universal.”

Diyet met with great success in Vancouver, BC during the 2010 Olympics. She wowed the crowds from 100 to thousands, performing at Olympic and aboriginal stages during the games. People the world over are tuned into the infectious melodies and rhythms of Diyet's music.

Diyet performs solo or with a band from 2 – 5 people comprised of musicians from Whitehorse and Vancouver.


Album, "The Breaking Point", 2010

Set List

Diyet typically performs with her band. The shows are lively and engaging. Diyet does a bit of storytelling about life and inspirations of northern aboriginal lifestyle. Diyet performs original music.

Full Band Set (55 Minutes)
Hold On
Come With Me
Moments of Silence
Brilliant Pieces of You
Let It Ride
The Breaking Point

20 or 30 Minute Acoustic Set
(vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion)
Hold On
Moments of Silence
Come With Me (30 min set)
Trippin (30 min set)
The Breaking Point