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From Westcoast to West Africa (2006)
Higher Learning Mixtape (2008)

Airplay in Paris, Fr...Central Virginia, and West Africa



Dizastah was born in Chicago, Illinois. After elementary school, he moved to Southern California, the place he calls home, where he discovered his knack for poetry, and eventually rhyme. He later moved to VA where his professional career began as a member of an unnamed 4 man hiphop group. Dizastah later branched out as a solo artist and was offered his first professional deal with a major label at the age of 14. Due to lack of parental consent, the deal was declined and he continued independantly. His career carried over when he moved overseas and became a member of a 3 man hiphop group known as the Untouchablz, based out of Paris, France. The Untouchablz built a large fan base in Paris, flooding the underground by doing multiple concerts and radio shows and releasing the single "Nu Dehli". However, Dizastah decided not to sign a contract abroad, due to the difficulty to break American markets from overseas. He later moved back to America to begin his college career, where he founded the companies Katastrophic Productionz and Mastahmyndz Entertainment. In 2003 he assembled the hiphop super group Tha Kartel, including himself and 2 other artists, J and E. He is currently working on a solo album, as well as a group album with Tha Kartel. Throughout his years in the industry, Dizastah has encountered many offers from labels and artists, but remains independant. He maintains, " I know God has a plan for my life, and I'm happy that things have turned out the way they have. I like to take my time with things, and I don't feel like rushing things would have yielded a better outcome. Bottom line, I ain't committin' to nuthin unless it feels, right. Nahmean??" Dizastah currently maintains a working relationship with Steve Walker, CEO of 5 am Deep Records in Oakland, CA. "We've been boys since high school, man. That's family", he says of their relationship. Through 5am Deep, Dizastah has done collaborations with Bay Area Artists such as Turf Talk, Laiv3, and Tequila. "Yo, shout out to all of the artists I've worked wit, man. If you ain't know, I'm the hungriest cat in the industry right now, and I love music. Just put the track on, and step bacc, man. I guarantee I've got it covered." For more music check out www.myspace.com/mastahmyndz