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"Crooks & Castles presents Diz Gibran: Soon You’ll Understand"

Until a few days ago I’ve never in my life heard of Diz Gibran. My man back in the day named himself the God Diz (son was a 5 Percenter) but I’m pretty sure this isn’t the same man. Matter of fact, I’m damn sure. This Diz is straight out of LA, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t have a early ’90s NYC style and music. Blame it on his producer, Moonshine who’s sound is reminiscent of a young and hungry DJ Premier. This mixtape’s been sitting on my lap for a hot second, but when I threw it in it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in weeks. Diz is that nucca!

Don’t be fooled by son’s young sounding voice, dude’s lyrical game is as crazy as Amy Winehouse on one of her drug binges. His apologetic “The Hardest Word” got him asking for forgiveness to the peoples he let down in his life while on “Just Me” he went in lyrically saying, “Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting the best things/we play the game right, you can call us the Chess kings/I watch people with less means make it work/come from last place to win the race and take the perks/so since my date of birth it’s been her for me to grab/that’s why I give it all that I have/for the future, yesterday is all in the past.” And that’s barely the tip of the iceberg of what this kid is jotting down on his pad. His pad is riddled with blood, sweat and tears. His notebook is like a slut’s Kotex or something.

Not to mention the help he got behind the boards. The samples that his producer, Moonshine used to craft these soulful melodic and hypnotic productions that’ll f*ck with your conscious and touch your emotions were damn near biblical. Joints like “Impossible” where a guitar string is constantly plucked and the drums on “Once Again” made me wanna put these sounds on a spoon, throw a lighter under it and just stick it in my veins!! And the way those horns were arranged on “Exactly” was just mouth watering. Let the Moon shine cause homie is next!

The best way I can describe this mixtape is to say that if cavemen had this in the B.C. ages, they wouldn’t need to smash to rocks together to get fire. Just rub this joint against wood and voila. Diz didn’t waste one bar or one rhyme on mediocrity. I’m a Brooklyn nucca to the heart, but it really seems like the West Coast MCs are really bringing back that true to life hip-hop sound. And when I say true to life I mean capturing the essence and raw emotion of inner city men and women. Diz and Moonshine took it to the next level and just brought poetry in a crack pipe. And all I can really say at the end of the day is that Diz is what it is - XXL.COM


Diz Gibran may not be pearling around in Maybachs, but he does no how to ride a beat in style. If “The Greatness” and “Stereo” were enough to convince you then Soon You’ll Understand what the fuss is about. On their debut album, Los Angeles MC Diz Gibran and Queens, New York producer Moonshine team up to create an unparalleled mix of style and substance. Brought to you by top lifestyle clothing brand, Crooks & Castles. - The Smoking Section

"Crooks & Castles Presents Diz Gibran Soon You’ll Understand (Produced by Moonshine)"

I ran through the stream of the tape over the weekend and this shit is crack. If you’re an oldhead whose scared of new rappers, at least tough it out for the for the beats on there. Says Diz:
- nahright.com

"Get To Know: Diz Gibran"

Let me introduce you to Diz Gibran! Around here we like to introduce you guys to things you may not be familiar with. And since Diz Gibran, a 30 year MC from California, isn’t commanding you to do his latest dance move, starting beef with his rhyming counterparts or brandishing a semi-automatic weapon in front of a camera with 45 goons behind him, his traditional rhyming tactics might be lost in the everyday shuffle of the music industry.

His new mixtape, Soon You’ll Understand, just hit the net and I honestly believe you guys might take a particular interest in the product.

I know we’re supposed to spoon feed you guys what’s hot and what’s not, but I want your honest opinion on Diz’s mixtape. BE HONEST! Download “Soon You’ll Understand” below.

Diz Gibran- Soon You’ll Understand Presented By Crooks & Castles

Like it, Love it or Leave it?????? - Bet.Com

"Free Music Fridays: Diz Gibran"

If you've been keeping up with VIBE.com's Free Music Friday, you might have noticed the amount of West Coast artists who are getting love. And whether you hate it or love it, we're not stopping until the guys on the left side of the map give us a reason.
Diz Gibran is the latest MC representing the bubbling L.A. underground and if you haven't heard about this guy already, then his new mixtape Crooks & Castles Presents: Soon You'll Understand is a fitting introduction. With his production partner Moonshine handling the boards and providing sounds more reminscient of East Coast boom-bap, the two create a sound that isn't your typical L.A. hip hop fare, but well-worth a listen. Download available below the album art. - Vibe.com


Spin City mixtape

Crooks and Castles presents: Soon You'll Understand (street album)



Los Angeles native Diz Gibran is not the type of rapper that listeners have come to expect from the west coast. Stylish, witty, introspective and heartfelt, Diz makes the type of Hip-Hop that is hard to put in a box. Growing up as a full participant in everything Hip-Hop, he developed a love for the craft of rapping and has been doing it ever since. Interesting enough, he never pursued it as a career until recently, he simply made music for the sheer love, respect and fun of it all. It became his outlet, a form of therapy to express life’s ups and downs, pitfalls and triumphs. Diz creates the type of music that people feel and relate to, speaking on the full experience of life; good, bad, and in between. Along with his friend and producer Moonshine, the two make classic material without even trying, and as a result are rapidly building a buzz amongst hip-hop fans and music industry executives alike.

In a short time and without management for the majority of it, Diz Gibran has been booked to perform alongside such notables as KRS-One, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Busta Rhymes and Clipse both in and outside of California, and recently performed as a part of the CMJ Music and Film Festival in New York City. One aspect that sets Diz apart from his contemporaries is his presence within the fashion industry. Diz is the former co-owner of Diamond Supply Co.; a hugely popular skateboard clothing and hardware company and the co-founder of The StevensonGibran Agency; a sales and marketing firm for independent clothing lines. As a result, Diz has become a fashion celebrity of sorts, popping up in magazines and fashion blogs in the U.S. and overseas, and as awareness of his music increases, the interest and demand for it does as well.

Diz Gibran is a regular feature on popular hip-hop blog sites such as Nahright, 2dopeboyz, IllRoots, OkayPlayer, The Smoking Section and On Smash to name a few.
With the recent release of his critically acclaimed album “Soon You’ll Understand”, Diz has solidified himself as a name to remember. Along with his crew “The Great Wall” (Pacific Division, Bleu Collar and Kartwright), Diz is set to give the listeners a differing view of what the west coast has to offer musically. Mixing style, substance, joy and pain; Diz Gibran is an MC that is quickly earning respect and regard as one of the future greats.

Diz is a selected artist in URB Magazine’s 15th annual Next 100 issue, and was chosen to be a featured artist on the recent posthumously released “Jay $tay Paid” album by J. Dilla on Nature Sounds Records.