Dizzy G

Dizzy G

 Moncton, New Brunswick, CAN

very energetic show, and multi talented musician


Dizzy G formed in November of 2011 in Moncton, NB. When lead singer Rudy Gillespie moved back home to the Maritimes after completing his debut album in Toronto, Ontario self titled “Wild Women”. His first call was to long time friend and business partner Chris Roy stating that he had a record and wanted to form a band. Chris quickly jumped on board as the bands manager, Which they then posted ads online for Bass Players and Drummers. Which is where Anthony Troimbert (Tony The Bass Man – Former bass player for the Sonny Rhodes Blues Band) came on board replying to the ad, Chris and Rudy tried him out and decided he was a perfect fit for the band.
Tony then stated he had a friend who was a superb Drummer which is where Dallas Spani (Shaggy) got his audition and superb he was, Chris and Rudy quickly decided he was in. Since the band formed they have done:
• Touring in the Maritime provinces and in Ontario,
• Played Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Ontario.
• Played at the ECMA’s in Moncton, NB.
• Opened for Maritime Legend Matt Minglewood.
• Released there Music Video “Wild Women”.
• Also rcieved an excellent Album Review from CashBox Magazine.

Ideal music for getting ready to go party and for the actual partying itself.
James Lizzard, Cash Box Magazine



CD Wildwomen Discography

The Cd contains a mix of Blues and Rock and Roll. Nightlife name came from the years experience, Dizzy G has had in the nightlife/bar business. Most of the material is from observation, than personal experience.

Song List

Somebody Better Than you is based on the observation of watching people come into the bar, looking for somebody new, after a broken relationship. Then along arrives the ex.

Endless Life is based on the life of a hooker and pimp. After years in the business she is no further ahead, than she was when she started.

G-Spot not what you think. The song is referring, to meeting that special person, that you can't get off your mind.

Cried was written in memory of Kenny MacDonald who was the husband of a dear friend who worked with Dizzy G in the bar business.

Greed from observation of a friend who can never have enough out of life, finding fault with everyone, only if we could be a perfect as this person.

Come Home to Me is about someone who walks out on you, that you can't get over.

Wild Women the title track, everyone has seen them at the local bar, just having a good time.

The Hangover wild women after the night before.

I Can't Remember this song is performed by a special friend Charnelle Armstrong as sequel to Wild Women.

Big City Blues the fast pace of life, and reality of living in the big city..

Pickles and Jam when they walk in the room they stand out. The girl who will do anything to please their man.

Pretty Brown Eyes dedicated to a friend from the bar business, who deserved better than what she had.

Lemon to Lemonade keeping a positive attitude.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank the people who worked on the CD, for their time and talent.

Mike (Machine) Mallais – Drums
Dave LeBlanc – Electric and Acoustic Bass
Sebastion Michaud – Trumpet and Sax.
Charnelle Armstrong – Back up vocals, solo in I Can't Remember
PJ Campbell – Drums in I Can't Remember
Justin Dobbs – Drums in Greed
Joel Langolis – Bass in Greed and I Can't Remember
Fayez Saidawi – Bass and the arrangement of Greed, mixing I Can't Remember, mixing and mastering of Greed, and a extremely creative mind.

Set List

Original Material

Endless Life
Wild Women
I Can't Remember
Pickles and Jam
Lemon and Lemonade
Pretty Brown Eyes
Big City Blues
Somebody Better Than You
Come Home To Me
It's Over
Empty Room

Cover Material

Kansas City (Fats Domino)
Give Me One Reason (Tracy Chapman)
Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix)
Lover in a Dangerous Time (Bruce Colburn)
Can't You See (Matt Minglewood)
Times Square (Marieanne Faithful)
Buzz (Haywire)
I Can't Get Next to You (Savoy Brown)
Power Of Love (Frankie Goes to Hollywood)
That's the Way the World Goes Around (John Prine)
The Weight (The Band)
Long Train Running (Doobie Brothers)
Wheat Kings (Tragically Hip)
Sweet Home Chicago (Buddy Guy)
Smoke On the Water (Deep Purple)
Mustang Sally (Deep Purple)
Riverboat Fantasy (David Wilcox)
The House is a Rockin (Stevie Ray Vaughn)
One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer (Johnny Lee Hooker)
Pride and Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughn)