Dizzy Hollow

Dizzy Hollow

 Evansville, Indiana, USA

Dizzy Hollow has created a sonic landscape, combining diverse influences and filtering them through a modern aesthetic. The sounds of pop meld with rock, punk, and modern alternative to provide the listener with a sound that is often familiar yet always original and entertaining.


The vibe rolls from one end of the spectrum to the other. Five eccentric personalities have come together to create a timeless brand of music that is often familiar yet always original and entertaining. Band members have coined the term "gutter pop" to describe some of their early tracks like 'Supercreep'.
Hypnotizing flavorful pulse provided by drummer Lucian Gatherwood & bassist Ryan Phillips. Guitarists Zach Ahrens & Brandon Long season the groove with powerful hum and delicate nuance. Roman Stonesypher delivers vocal melodies that weave through the music creating a fabric of raw intensity and emotional depth. These five oddities have not only broken the mold in their local scene, they have brought something much bigger to the table.  The 'Dizzy Hollow brand' of atypical, irresistible and ever evolving continues to make its mark wherever heard. 
Dizzy Hollow is always writing and recording. The band looks forward to a more extensive touring schedule and the release of new material.


Dizzy Hollow's self-titled debut album is available at Amazon, & for download at Amazon, iTunes, and Rhapsody.

All tracks from our album are available for full streaming through Myspace, Facebook, & Last.fm.

Set List

We currently have about 90 minutes of material (all original with an occasional cover) in our repertoire. Our typical set consists of Sink or Swim, Cheshire Smile, Down the Leg, Runt, Supercreep, Hot Milk, Dear John, The Little Death, Harlequin, Seaslide, Anyone but You, Truth/Solipsism, Only A Heart, and Fountain.