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dizzy pilot @ Warehouse Live w/ SpainColoredOrange

Houston, Texas, USA

Houston, Texas, USA


Houston, Texas, USA

Houston, Texas, USA

dizzy pilot @ Trophy's (SxSW week)

Austin, Texas, USA

Austin, Texas, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Granny Clampet’s Pure Grain Know-it-All – Dizzy Pilot
**** Out the Bones
ROCK YEAH! Lest the last few tracks make you think otherwise, we are into things that get the heart a pumping and fist a shakin’. We can’t make word-one out of the vocals on this banger, but we’re totally content with any song where the don’t put down the phone and spell things out to us. The perfect soundtrack for sketchy 80 mph cab rides down the back-streets of Lafayette, Louisiana in a car whose head-liner is being ripped away by the pummeling gust-stink from the open windows and which hasn’t been washed since the meter stopped working four years ago.
- the Skyline Network

It's tough to bring out what Dizzy Pilot do on stage into a recording studio which is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, they are fun, wild, and woolly (definitely woolly) live but, on the other hand, Dizzy Pilot for the most part seems caged-in on their recordings. Consider guitarist Bill Kenny's guitar work on stage - it's like watching a gymnast on speed and while the songs are clearly structured there is this wild and frenetic quality that jumps from the dirty garage looseness of say Mudhoney to the more epic melodic precision of the best Flaming Lips lines. Vocalist and guitarist JJ White is no small shakes either as he belts his lungs out and flails on stage - he just doesn't do it under the attention grabbing mountain of hair Kenny employs. It's an energy that's contagious. Take the one fellow in the audience who was clearly waiting for his jam. When Heart of a Hurricane's notes rang out, the guy immediately began thrashing, hanging from the rafters, and bumping into people who easily forgive his enthusiasm. Who could blame him? Heart of a Hurricane is, after all, a kick-ass song.
- Ramon Medina(Free Press Houston)

Dizzy Pilot: Breakneck psychedelia, melodramatic Warren Zevon covers mark local band's EP.
www.myspace.com/dizzypilotHouston's Dizzy Pilot spends a good deal of their time basically sounding as though they emerged from a time capsule that went underground in summer 1991, and that's meant as a compliment. New EP Shit Out the Bones opens with "Granny Clampet's Pure Grain Know-It-All," a pre-grunge assault injected with an MC5 vibe that nearly captures the quartet's unhinged live energy. The title track is another breakneck tune that sounds like pure "Telepathic Surgery"-era Flaming Lips, an influence that resurfaces in the swirling psychedelics of "Horseshoes and Handcuffs." "Heart of a Hurricane" recalls Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse's offbeat sense of melody, and is a subdued scream of what might have happened to alternative rock without the scourge of post-grunge. Bones's only truly weak track, "Devil City Train Song," is still hardly a failure, and the closing cover of Warren Zevon's classic "Carmelita" may seem melodramatic, but it's a faithful reworking that, if nothing else, proves Dizzy Pilot's heart is beating hard and fast.

- Houston Press Chris Henderson

I did manage to see locals Dizzy Pilot, whose Unwound-covering-Mudhoney punk I would refer to as "grunge" if it was still acceptable to use that term in a non-derisive manner. Dizzy Pilot frontman Josh White previously led the fascinatingly unpredictable Drill Box Ignition. I saw them at least four or five times, and not only did I never see the same set twice, I don't think I ever saw the same song twice. Similarly, Dizzy Pilot has changed dramatically over the past two years, developing into quite a cohesive band. One must admit that it hasn't hurt to include guitarist Bill Kenny of Motion Turns It On, as well as bassist Andres Londono and drummer Steve Smith of. . . um, Motion Turns It On. White mugs shamelessly and for some reason feels the need to sing half the set through a modified telephone, which is distracting, but the proceedings have a certain slacker charm, and the band does rock. - houston press


"Dizzy Pilot" / self titled EP - 2006
"Shit Out The Bones" - 2007*

*available on iTunes



"The perfect soundtrack for sketchy 80 mph cab rides down the back-streets of Lafayette, Louisiana in a car whose head-liner is being ripped away by the pummeling gust-stink from the open windows and which hasn’t been washed since the meter stopped working four years ago."

Dizzy Pilot is the Houston, TX based experimental indie rock band that was formed in late 2005. Starting as a three piece the band acquired a fourth member ( Bill Kenny) in early 2006. After quickly recording their self titled EP they played a SXSW showcase the same year.

The time spent afterwards was spent changing members and creating a more experimental sound involving home-made equipment and numerous guitar and vocal effects. They recorded the EP "Shit Out The Bones" in the spring/summer of 2007 at Pigeon Eater Studios. The band also recorded a live session at Pigeon Eater but is yet to release it. "Shit Out The Bones" was released in October of 2007.

Now in the fall of 2008 with a finalized line-up, Dizzy Pilot is said to be working on the first full length album and will be touring regionally until the records release in which the band will be touring the country extensively.