Dizzy Queen

Dizzy Queen

 Vitória, Espírito Santo, BRA


Some say it's classic rock, others call it alternative rock, hard rock, indie rock, disco punk... but there are some people who think the band sounds pretty much like all of those genres together.

Dizzy Queen sounds rock, punk, indie, garage rock revival or whatever you can feel when listening to them: it's all about rock'n'roll.

The songs travel into the 70's rock and go through other genres as punk, grunge or indie. Some of their songs use synth, so they pass over electronic elements that make those tracks worthy of the dancefloors.

Their performance reminds us of the true rock'n'roll soul that's almost missing lately: a showgirl leading the vocals with strong voice and feelings - that's their greatest strength.


Me Myself and I

Written By: Priscilla Simonelli, Ricardo Mendes

It’s only me, myself and I

I thought that this
Maybe would happen
Ain’t brought no guns
Ain’t got no helpers

Gimme all you have
Show me your fire
I bet you’ll go
Down to the wire

It’s only me, myself and I

Don’t try to mess it up
Stealing my control
I’ve got your underwear
To cheat on your patrol
Skip every sight of the same old slimes
Fight some real crackers
When I decide to let go!

I don’t know what’s coming
Can’t wait no longer
But I feel stronger now


Dizzy Queen, album Dizzy Queen (2010)

Set List

Me Myseld and I
Do the Twist
I Love Danger
Sex, Sex, Sex
Everybody Movin'
Let Rock Seduce You
You Can Feel
Outta Lovin'
Too Tired